Step 5 - How To Register

Note: This is the fifth of 7 steps toward an understanding of, and participation in an exciting initiative. 

Step 5 - It's Easy To Register and Become Part of Something 
Important, Helpful to Others, and Realize a Possible
Lottery-Like PayDay . . . And With Better Odds 

How To Register 

To Register as a Team LEADER

To officially register your participation in referring professionals to run a project, just post a comment in the appropriate Project Description, indicating your intentions in any manner you wish -- for example, "I'm on the case", and then include the following information: 
  1. Project #: (For example "A-3", and refer to Step 4 for a list of ALL projects
  2. Team: (Whatever you want to call your team -- e.g. "Charlie's Angels", be creative) 
  3. Team Leader: (Your first & last name) 
  4. Email: (Your email address); and 
  5. Referred By: (Who alerted you about this opportunity, so that they will also be paid if you end up referring the professional who is hired to run this project); 
Those who then join your "team", officially "register" in two steps, which we'll call Step A and Step B

To Register as a Team MEMBER 

Step A: Those who register as a Member of YOUR Team do so by "commenting on your comment", indicating their intentions (e.g., "Glad to be part of this team") and then provide the following:
  1. Name: (Their first & last name); and 
  2. Email: (Their email address).
Step B: Register as a Team Leader for THEIR OWN Team by submitting their own direct comment on the project, providing the five pieces of information as noted above, because they will be recruiting members of their own team. And if anyone on that person's team makes a "successful" referral YOU GET PAID.  

Many Opportunities To Get Paid

What this means is this: 
  1. If you refer a professional who is hired ("Referral Success") --> YOU GET PAID 
  2. If ANY member of your Team has a Referral Success --> YOU GET PAID 
  3. If ANYONE on your Team has someone on their Team realize a Referral Success --> YOU GET PAID 
  4. And so on . . . and so on.
So it's conceivable that any one of many thousands of people could find the "right professional", and YOU STILL GET PAID.  And how much you get paid is covered in Step 7, but before we get to that, we've got some tips on how to mobilize your own social network of family and friends, which is covered in Step 6.