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The Aftermath of Bank Foreclosure Fraud & MorganStanleyGate

Although the below correspondence is accessible via hyper-link from the March 3, 2011 blog entry, it is important enough make it a separate blog entry, as it illustrates how Morgan Stanley (with the assistance of Kirkland & Ellis) can orchestrate bringing the absolute worst out in people through dividing and conquering families by turning loved ones against each other.

Date:  March 2, 2011
To:       Leah R. Krier (via email:
Re:      The Aftermath of Bank Foreclosure Fraud & MorganStanleyGate

Dear Leah:
This is from the heart, and brutally honest.  It addresses how you, Jackson and I have been impacted by the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history, and yet another manifestation of the MorganStanleyGate scandal, a fraud of epic proportion.  Accordingly, this is being shared widely because silence is fraud's best friend – word-of-mouth is fraud's worst enemy – so I’m passing the word on.[1]
I’ve produced three short YouTube videos about our lives together since being blessed with Jackson, and ensuing victimization – click on each title to access.
Jackson’s magical first year with us, providing a poignant backdrop to our little family later being “broken” into “pieces” by this foreclosure fraud

Click here to call up lyrics to the soundtrack
The period since you estranged yourself and kidnapped our son, Jackson.  If Jackson could talk, I believe this is what he would say to me, with the last stanza representing my response to him.  Sadly YOU have separated a father and son.
The 9 ½ months of Jackson’s second year, leading up to when our family was violently ripped apart, along with what is now an all but dissipated hope for the future.
These videos memorialize a relationship that once was, and OUR importance to Jackson as his loving parents, thereby providing important context to what has transpired since that fateful day in February last year.  And as I have been working toward correcting this injustice in a meaningful way, it would be helpful if you recognized you have been manipulated with bombastic lies by unsavory others, so you would turn against me in the most evil manner conceivable – and the sooner you realize this, the better it will be for EVERYONE.
This memorandum covers: our relationship; the assault; your response; my plans; questions that remain; a request; and concluding remarks.  And so that my points are clear and convincing, hyperlinks to additional information are incorporated throughout, and I encourage you to access them as you read this.

Our Relationship
You called me two months after we first met in February 2007 sitting next to each other at a Duke v. UNC game at Cameron Indoor.  Your then live-in boyfriend ("Mike") had booted you out on the street, after he had long abused you, and you were miserable living with another “Michael” at the time you called me.
I built you up, gave you encouragement and supported your self-improvement pursuits, for as you well know, I am a proponent of self-actualization.  When you became chronically ill, I was ALWAYS there to nurse you back to health. We fell in love, got engaged, and when you became pregnant (despite your assurances that doctors said you were unable to conceive), I treated you as a Princess.
After we were blessed with Jackson, I cared for him much of his first 21 months of his life, as you said you needed to keep your job as a flight attendant.  And I did so while addressing an overwhelming number of orchestrated tribulations entailing commercial sabotage at my investment properties, numerous instances of fraud, a libelous smear campaign, widespread corruption and astonishing instances of betrayal by those in whom I had vested my trust.

The Assault
Last year, on a cold sleeting winter day in February, we were victims of the worst bank foreclosure fraud and wrongful eviction[2] ever perpetrated in the United States, as it was on a mortgage that was:
Ø never late;
Ø not delinquent; and
Ø paid in full . . .
 . . . and executed in an unjustified over-the-top violent manner by a SWAT team of more than a dozen wayward officers of the Orange County (NC) Sheriff. This was an attempt to cover up revelations contained in a press release issued four days earlier, which exposed an explosive and heretofore UN-reported element of Foreclosure-gate now gripping the nation.
Your Response
Just hours before this traumatic event, you sent me a text message which ended with: “Jackson and I love you, need you”, which starkly contrasts with the vitriolic epistles that followed thereafter, the most recent ones being:  I do not ever want to see you, I hate you” and “You are no longer Jackson’s Dad, you are nothing to him”.  And over the thirteen months in between, you have delivered apoplectic tirades far more vicious and typically fraught with expletives.  MorganStanleyGate has brought the absolute worst out in many people, and among my loved ones, you appear to be the representative “poster child”. 
For instance, the day after I barely averted assassination, but ended up being tortured and abused by corrupt Orange County cops, we agreed to rendezvous at the Washington-Duke Hotel when you arrived back in Durham that morning.  But you stood me up and remained unreachable throughout the day, while you secretly gathered your belongings (along with many of mine without my knowledge) and moved in with another man, whom you would only refer to as “Danny”.  And outside of a few brief, but very disturbing meetings punctuated by your uncontrollable screaming, I have not seen you since, and you have effectively kidnapped Jackson, while engaging in behavior I never imagined you could be associated with.
So in stark contrast to the tender loving care I had always provided to you in your frequent and often lengthy periods of need, the one time I needed my fiancée  to be there for me, you responded by:
1 -- Abandoning me;
2 -- Moving in with another man;
3 -- Kidnapping our son;
4 – Chronically lying to me;
5 -- Blocking my phone calls;
6 -- Blocking my text messages;
7 -- Blocking me on Facebook;
8 -- Blaming me for acts of criminals beyond my control;
9 -- Showering me with ad hominems; and
10 –Threatening me with bogus "restraining orders" and "lawsuits".
Your version of “standing by your man” has been devastating, and has severely hampered the timing and execution of my plans to regain what has impacted MANY . . . including Jackson’s older brothers (Michael, Kevin & Ryan), Maria, my mother, my sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws and even in-laws to be.  Your behavior has been so evil, it would suggest you wanted me to commit suicide.
My Plans
Notwithstanding your disturbing, disruptive and at times debilitating behavior throughout this painful aftermath, I have begun executing plans to correct his woeful injustice in contemplation of achieving very specific goals, which I have delineated below – I refer to them as “The Eight ‘R’s“:
I.          Restitution – The return of all assets stolen from this fraud, including:
A.        NY Residence – Manhasset, NY residence[3]
B.         NC Condominium – Meadowmont condominium
C.        Specialty MallThe Pit Stop of Durham (“TPSoD”)
D.        Retail/Office ComplexThe Courtyard of Chapel Hill (“TCoCH”)
E.         Land Parcels – For valet parking at TCoCH
F.         CashMonies stolen from bank accounts
G.        Receivables – cash amount of TPSoD & TCoCH rent receivables
II.         Recompense – Compensation for lost income
A.        Lost Wages
B.         Lost Investment Income
III.         Reinstatement – Personal & Corp. credit restored to pre-scandal status
IV.        Retraction – Retractions with apologies for the lies in 60 + “smear” articles
V.        Redemption – Repayment in full to creditors with valid claims
VI.        Retribution – Punitive damages to fund charitable foundation in support of victims of foreclosure fraud, Susan G. Komen For The Cure & the American Red Cross.
VII.       Resurrection – Regain reputation of accomplishment and  integrity
VIII.      Reunification - Reuniting with all of my loved ones, and eradicating the overwhelming dysfunction among family members
And as I move ahead in executing my plans, I would appreciate your cooperation, which begins with answering some pertinent questions.

Questions That Remain
There are many questions you've been oddly evading for quite some time, and I frankly don't understand why – for I certainly have a right to know the answers.  Moreover, skirting them as you have would indicate you’ve turned into a common thief, and you have no idea how sad that makes me – so please respond.  They are segregated into categories of: belongings; financial; behavioral; and legal.
Belongings:  Items taken without my knowledge are listed and pictured below:

Ø Automobile – You said it was your dream to drive a white Mercedes Benz. In response, I entrusted you with an S-320 sedan so you could safely drive Jackson with you. 
Where is this vehicle?  For at this point you have stolen it.

Ø Television & Sound System – You offered to take the Sony widescreen high definition TV and surround sound system out of the storage facility, indicating you had a place where it would be safe. 
It ended up accompanying you to “Danny’s”. He tells me he doesn't have it, but evades further questions.  This is also an instance of theft at this point.
Where is this very expensive equipment?

Ø Paintings – Several expensive paintings are missing, and you admitted to secretly taking the one above the T.V. Danny has been uncooperative.  This is also theft. 
Where are these paintings?

Other Items – Did you steal anything else?  Numerous satellite aerial photos confirm you moved the stolen belongings out of Danny Ozaki’s at 2702 Richwood Rd. in Durham, NC this past summer and into Paul Badaracco’s residence at 3107 Skybrook Lane in Durham, NC.  NOTE:  That is my White Mercedes Benz with the sun-roof sitting in the driveway on many different days.


Ø Engagement Ring – Why didn’t you sell the engagement ring and use the proceeds for Jackson’s care, as I asked you to? (see Legal section below)
Ø Hiring of lawyer – Where did you get the money to hire an attorney?  What was the cost?
Ø Judgment – Wouldn't this have been better spent on Jackson's needs?
Ø Jackson’s Well-Being – Since both your mother and father work full-time, who takes care of Jackson during your frequent multi-day trips?
Ø FaceBook Behavior – Why did you recently invite me to be your “friend”, block me, remove the block, and then reinstate it all in the span of 24 hours?
Ø Advanced knowledge – Did you speak with anyone with the Orange County Sheriff before the eviction? If so, when and with whom?  And afterwards?  Did you pre-arrange to have your belongings segregated from mine?  When?
Ø No Response – Why have you not responded to whether you know the people who sent us the vicious e-mails over Thanksgiving 2009 from a remote farmhouse in Potwin, Kansas?
Ø Capriciousness – Throughout this trying aftermath, you agreed to visit me with Jackson, only to reverse course next day.  Why?  Did someone talk you out of it each time?  If so, who?  What is the identity of those who have spoken about me to you in a disparaging manner in the past?  And know that I ask these questions in the context of resolving MorganStanleyGate.
Ø Irrational Act – Why would you hire an attorney to file baseless monetary claims?  As you know, if you used the proceeds from the sale of the engagement ring, they would cover Jackson's needs (as you specified) over the next five years. (See My Request” section below.)
Ø Foreclosure Fraud – Are you aware you have significant damages claims for pain and suffering against Paragon Commercial Bank, Poyner & Spruill and the Orange County (NC) Sheriff for the fraudulent foreclosure?
Ø Flawed Legal Advice – Who said you were the rightful owner of my engagement ring to you?  State law in North Carolina and Kansas are consistent and clear – I own the ring.  (See below.)
Kansas & North Carolina Law
On Ownership of Engagement Rings
Gift Law Concerning Engagement Rings

My Request
In addition to providing answers to the above questions, I have one final request:
Instruct your attorney to withdraw any and all legal filings against me in Barton County, KS
Important Note:  This page and those that follow, together with any and all hyperlinks constitutes My Response to your Paternity Petition, in the event it is not withdrawn.  I ask that you forward it to your attorney and those receiving copies of this transmittal shall serve as witnesses to this direction, thereby evidencing my timely response. 
This method of delivery is necessary because it is not practicable for me to print and mail them out given my current nomadic existence, and the volume of information contained in the embedded internet hyper-links – I again ask that all future communications to me be sent via e-mail. 
I will now summarize the key points of your 4-page Paternity Petition, and explain why it MUST be withdrawn. 
1.         Your Petition was filed on Oct. 6, 2010
2.         Papers were marked “posted” to my mother’s home on Feb. 2, 2011[4]
3.         Response is due 30 days of the date “posted” (i.e., Fri. Mar. 4, 2011)
4.         You seek joint custody of Jackson, as primary residential parent
5.         Filing “presumes” I am the natural father, based on the birth certificate
6.         You claim for reimbursement for Jackson’s expenses since birth
7.         You seek a judgment for ongoing support
Here’s Why You MUST Withdraw Your Petition:
I.          I May Not Be Jackson’s Biological Father – The fact that this could even be a possibility absolutely rips me apart; however your behavior in abandoning me to move in with another man when I needed you most (the day after I was assaulted) and ongoing revelations, together with your admitted promiscuous past and our times together suggests this could be a very real possibility.  Moreover, the presumption that I am the natural father based entirely on the birth certificate is woefully inadequate evidence, and in the event you choose to proceed with this patently bogus and ill-advised Paternity Petition (in the context of the facts contained herein), I hereby request an adjournment until paternity tests can be independently conducted by, and the results exchanged between, BOTH parties to ascertain whether I am in fact Jackson’s father.
More Specific Reasons: This is necessary because of: (1) your admitted, observed and well-documented promiscuous behavior, which is corroborated by the three examples that follow; (2) a birth certificate in no way proves the identity of a child's natural father; and (3) studies recently conducted have found that up to 35% all children born in the United States (and in other countries) are not sired by their presumed father, thereby contradicting what is on the birth certificate.
Examples of Promiscuous Behavior
Example #1:  Approximately six weeks after we were engaged to be married, you had sexual relations with three men at Hyco Lake, NC throughout the weekend of Aug. 3 – 5, 2007.  You denied this when I found the pictures on MY computer (see below), and although I forgave you, I did NOT believe you.  Importantly, this weekend is within conception period based on the typical human gestation period (37 – 42 weeks), and Jackson's birth date (April 14, 2008), especially when taking into account the gestation period with Jackson was shortened by your scheduled C-section.  See below analysis.
Important observation:  Up until this disturbing weekend at Hyco Lake, you were a loyal and loving partner, but your demeanor changed dramatically the week prior, which was when sabotage of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill began and the smear campaign articles started coming out.

Pictures of you with these three men are shown below, and are all time-stamped on the days of Aug. 3 – 5, 2007.  In the interest of discretion, I excluded those containing explicit nudity and compromising positions.  And it was on this weekend, you were adamant about my not accompanying you.
Hyco Lake – August 3-5, 2007
Top Row:   The men you allegedly had sex with that weekend included ex-boyfriend Russell Terrell. You said you couldn’t remember the names of the other two men, but you indicated one of them was married.
2nd Row:  Reflecting the drunken wild orgy-like nature of the weekend  
3rd Row:   More of this, but showing you wearing MY ENGAGEMENT RING in the pictures (unbelievable)
Bottom: Picture of you passed out drunk on the back of the boat aptly called “Temptation”
Example # 2:   You have admitted to having sex with pilots, first officers and other men on your numerous overnights throughout your career at Air Wisconsin, indicating this was commonplace in the airline Industry.  Reflected below is a montage of pictures of you with Air Wisconsin First Officer Paul “Big Boy” Badaracco, which he has represented to me were all taken on many, many “overnights” with you.  I personally found these exceptionally upsetting.

Frequent “Overnights”
Example # 3:  You've demonstrated an ability to quickly sever emotional ties and shack up with another man literally overnight and do so with a level of callousness that strikes many as selfish and malicious.  This was apparent when  you stood me up at the Washington Duke Hotel so that you could secretly gather your belongings and move in with another man.  In this case it was Danny Ozaki, who also served as your accomplice in absconding with the belongings earlier noted in the “Remaining Questions” section. 
And what struck me about the photos of you and Danny below are the dates in Jul-Sep 2009 (and in Durham, NC and Kansas), which is when you had been living with me in Chapel Hill, NC for over two years, and engaged to marry me.
Other Examples:  There is more I could bring up; however it is not my intent to embarrass you, but rather to present enough evidence to ensure paternity testing be MANDATORY before your Paternity Petition could ever be considered.
Notwithstanding, I reiterate my request to WITHDRAW your meritless Paternity Petition altogether, for the additional reasons that follow.
II.       Claims (If Valid) Have Been Prepaid – The wholesale value of MY engagement ring to YOU is $34,000, which I OWN (NOT YOU) pursuant to both North Carolina and Kansas law (Legal subsection of Questions That Remain) and I had authorized you to sell the ring, and use the proceeds for Jackson's needs. Based on your stated needs of $500 per month, the claims have thus been prepaid for the next five years +. 
III.       Your Counter-Productive Petition – You very well know I have always intended to provide for Jackson and the ONLY reason we face this situation is because I am unlawfully being denied a livelihood, as a result of the bank foreclosure fraud and its cover-up links to MorganStanleyGate, the effects of which were amplified by your abandonment when I needed you most.  And I would follow through with this commitment even if I were not his natural father, so long as you acknowledged your mistakes, ended your abandonment, and once again became the girl I fell in love with.  I want Jackson to experience a similarly enriching life as his older brothers (Michael, Kevin and Ryan) did, but I MUST resolve the MorganStanleyGate scandal to regain my livelihood and reputation in order to do so.  And having to refute your Paternity Petition in a Barton County, KS court is counter-productive and absolutely not possible for me at this point.
IV.      Your Misrepresentations of Claims – Your claim for reimbursement of Jackson's expenses since birth is patently absurd and you know it, for I had fully supported you and our son Jackson, while living in the lap of luxury by most standards, as you motored around town with Jackson in the white Mercedes-Benz you always wanted.  This lifestyle can be readily discerned in the linked videos at the outset of this communiqué , and anyone who wishes to become a Facebook friend of mine (by clicking here) will literally have access to a few thousand pictures of you and Jackson that further supports this. 
V.        My Contingent Counterclaim – In reality, you owe me $78,320.73, which I hereby submit as a counterclaim IF you choose to proceed with your Petition.  This includes paying your credit card debt whenever you got into trouble ($20,000 + interest), and the balance represents the value of the belongings you and Danny Ozaki absconded with (as per the Remaining Questions section).
VI.      Your Moral Support Would Be Mutually Beneficial – I’ve long said your moral support would be such a powerfully helpful factor in turning everything around quickly, because sometimes you just need someone to believe in you to accomplish things you never thought possible.  A modicum of moral support from you presented no downside, but offered enormous upside.  Yet you have not only rebuffed all such requests for as long as this has gone on, but you've been vicious in your responses which were ALWAYS punctuated with pejoratives.
VII.     You Will Otherwise Be Supporting Our Adversaries – A factor that has made, and will continue to make, my quest for justice more challenging is loved ones turning against me, even though the evidence is clear that they were duped into doing so.  My adversaries will say: “You see, even his own family will not support him.”  It's all been staged.  Some family members have come around, and I will keep chipping away until I've got everyone on board.
Concluding Remarks
In closing, you should know I am NOT your enemy . . .  so please stop behaving like mine.  I am merely someone who has offered unconditional love for you (and Jackson) . . . which is an emotion I’m astonished still exists in retrospect to how dreadfully you have treated me throughout this ordeal.  And by filing your misguided Paternity Petition against me, you gave me no choice but to be blunt and explicit in this response, and while it may be embarrassing to you to have THIS ELEMENT of MorganStanleyGate widely shared, no malice is intended.  I did so because of the absolute necessity for:
Transparency – I must make anything and everything associated with MorganStanleyGate a matter of public record now, as this scandal is predicated on criminal fraud and cover-up in the form of BOLD-FACED LIES, and the more facts I get out in the open, the sooner the right people will become engaged . . . and it is only then that this gets resolved.  And revealing the devastating impact the scandal has had on my loved ones (in this case, you and Jackson) is an important part of this; and
Rationality – I’m hoping people who care about you (and Jackson) will convince you to stop behaving in such a reckless, unprincipled and criminal manner, and have the sense to recognize I am on your side and “one of the good guys”.  So with this in mind, I am asking you to:
1.               Answer the Questions;
2.               Withdraw the Petition;
3.               Sell the engagement ring and use the proceeds for Jackson;
4.               Do away with your estrangement;
5.               Stop your kidnapping of Jackson;
6.               Remove ALL communication blocks;
7.               Return or otherwise account for the stolen belongings;
8.               Terminate your illicit affair and cohabitation with Paul Badaracco;
9.               Become informed by visiting my websites; and
10.            Leave the “dark side” for God’s sake
At this point, I don’t know who you are, or if you possess any moral values.  I have often said this bank foreclosure fraud (and the events leading up to it) has transmogrified you into a monster I never knew existed. 
Hopping from the bed of one man to the other in a makeshift cohabitation arrangement, and engaging in grand larceny, while our son is cared for via hand-off between a rag-tag team of family members hundreds of miles away for a week or more at a time, is no way to raise a child.  And to do so to the exclusion of his father, who had dutifully cared for him throughout his first 21 months of his life, reflects exceptionally poor judgment.
Spencer C. Young

[1] Derived from the motto of Fraud Aid, a fraud victim advocacy group
[2] Fortunately, you and Jackson were hundreds of miles away at the time, but this was NOT a coincidence
[3] Although Morgan Stanley and Wachovia had aggressively sought to foreclose, this was sold prior thereto
[4] Although  marked “posted” on Feb. 2, 2011, the 4-page document was not received until Feb. 8