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Media: Please Make Exposing Judicial Corruption in Durham County One Of Your 26 Random Acts of Kindness

The below email was sent on December 21, 2012 to Lawrence M. Campbell, the Chief Public Defender for Durham County, North Carolina, requesting the replacement of public defenders - Brian Aus of Shella, Harris & Aus and Kimberly Lott of Stewman & Booker.  The email was sent in response to the one received from Mr. Campbell which reveals that he is very much part of the stifling level of corruption that grips Durham County, NC.  His email reveals a BOLDFACED EQUIVOCATED LIE, which is quite commonplace in Durham County because corruption is so widespread there.  The TRUTH is that HIS OFFICE is DIRECTLY responsible for the appointment of private attorneys who fulfill the role of public defenders in Durham County criminal cases.  His bizarre email is reproduced at the very bottom of this blog post.

Mr. Young's responding email was also widely circulated to the "mainstream media", asking them to investigate the absurdities that were playing out and manifesting in the bizarre behaviors of Mr. Aus and Ms. Lott.  This request was made in the context of making their investigative reporting of this matter as one of their 26 acts of kindness, in order to expose the extensive corruption that is playing out.  It is obvious that this is YET ANOTHER desperate attempt to cover-up the criminal activities of a woefully corrupt Durham County Judge, David Q. LaBarre, as well as and the associated scandals linked to his repulsive behavior.
Campbell                            Aus                            Lott                       LaBarre
-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: Lawrence.M.Campbell <>
Cc: brianauslaw <>; lott <>; Antoinette.Hilliard <>; Charlotte.public <>; today <>; ontherecord <>; nightly <>; foxreport <>; special <>; Hannity <>; oreilly <>; fair <>; letters <>; newstips <>; news-tips <>; letters <>; wt <>; online <>; letters <>; tips <>; newsletters <>; bloomberg <>; info <>; dtalbot <>; editor <>; writers <>; press <>; tips <>; newsmanager <>; cnnbreakingnews <>; letters <>; NNBNBCountdown <>; dateline <>; letters <>; evening <>; earlyshow <>; 60m <>; wsj.ltrs <>; letters <>; editor <>; joanne.crosby <>; 48hours <>; ftn <>; info <>; scoop <>; Colin.R.Moynihan <>; antoinette.hilliard <>
Sent: Fri, Dec 21, 2012 3:26 pm

Subject: One of Your 26 Random Acts of Kindness . . . Exposing a Scandal

Note to those copied herein -- This brief exchange of emails with the Chief Public Defender of Durham County (NC) relates to a scandal that will literally blow your mind and pertains to disturbing events you would think could NEVER happen in America.  You will also find that the more you dig into its oddities, the larger and more significant the scope and magnitude of the underlying scandal will become -- In other words, this is BIG, and what you will see unfold here is merely the "tip of the iceberg".  

The favor I ask is this:  Please make investigating and exposing this matter one of your 26 random acts of kindness to honor the innocent lives lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre -- for by doing so, countless others will thus benefit from your publicized revelations.  Thank you.


To:         Lawrence M. Campbell - Chief Public Defender for Durham County

Subject:  Revelations of Mind Boggling Corruption Within Durham County, NC & Its Link to a MASSIVE Scandal   

Your response (below) is profoundly absurd and suggests a level of corruption within Durham County (NC) that is utterly mind-boggling -- here's why:
  1. Neither of the attorneys (Brian Aus nor Kimberly Lott) will take my call to discuss my concerns;
  2. Neither of the attorneys return my phone calls, nor respond to my voicemail messages;
  3. Neither of the attorneys respond to my emails;
  4. Neither of the attorneys have taken action to recover my stolen property (exceeding $200,000 in value, including a Mercedes Benz S-320) which my misguided accuser has admitted (to the Durham DA, no less) to having possession of;
  5. In light of this admission (in #4), neither of the attorneys have attempted to have the obviously bogus charges against me dismissed.  As you well know, requesting the return of one's stolen property in a letter (attached) is NOT extortion -- it is a protected property right, and it is important to note that Durham Police Captain Ray Taylor, who mysteriously "retired" last week, helped me draft this letter and was copied on it;
  6. Neither attorney has taken any action to prosecute the 30-page criminal indictment filed against "retired" Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre (also attached)
  7. Neither attorney has addressed the conflict of interest between LaBarre and the acting Durham DA Leon Stanback, who are long time friends and colleagues as Durham County Superior Court Justices, which would explain his "Nifongesque" overzealous prosecution of what he KNOWS to be FALSE charges
  8. Both attorneys have completely ignored my UNLAWFUL arrest, torture and incarceration WITHOUT bail for 127 days in maximum security jail and fatally defective extradition from Florida, which was predicated on fraud;
  9. Both attorneys have deliberately withheld from me the Discovery information received over two weeks ago; and
  10. Neither of the attorneys have undertaken actions to recover my UNLAWFULLY seized computer equipment, which was simply a desperate attempt by LaBarre to suppress the damning evidence against him
In short, the attorneys that YOUR OFFICE ASSIGNED have made it IMPOSSIBLE to defend myself against the entirely FABRICATED charges.  Through their benign neglect, they are intentionally trying to COVER-UP the criminal activities of the woefully corrupt judge, who is pictured below with his partner in crime, to whom I was once engaged 3 years ago.  In addition, your email response (below) to my initial phone call to you (which you refused to take) suggests you are part of the nefarious efforts to cover up the MANY felonies of Mr. LaBarre and others.

Five Objectives
Your dismissive response mocks the US system of justice and reveals disdain for the US Constitution, while your thoroughly unhelpful behavior is oxymoronic to your title as "Chief Public Defender".  Ergo, I ask that you change your contradictions, and undertake actions to facilitate the following five objectives, which are supported by the United States Constitution, and be sure to "reply to all", when conveying your timely response:
  1. Replace Brian Aus and Kimberly Lott as my representative legal defense counsel
  2. Have the bogus charges against me dismissed
  3. Have ALL of my stolen property recovered and returned (including the wrongfully seized computers)
  4. Arrest David Q. LaBarre, Leah R. Krier and William D. Johnson (and perhaps others identified in the attached criminal complaint); and
  5. Prosecute those arrested to the fullest extent of the law
Tip of the Iceberg
Note to those copied herein -- this emerging travesty of justice is the "tip of the iceberg" to a scandal of epic proportion, which is linked to the below list of significant events, which are each explained through the hyper-links denoted below:
. . . and yet there is so much more to this MorganStanleyGate scandal, an overview of which can be helpful and elucidating


Spencer C. Young

 Leah Krier Holding Hands at Romantic Dinner with
 Judge David Q. LaBarre Just Before Their Crime Spree Began

-----Original Message-----
From: Campbell, Lawrence M. <>
To: spencercyoung <>
Cc: brianauslaw <>; lott <>; Hilliard, Antoinette <>
Sent: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 10:23 am
Subject: Emails received in the Public Defender's Office on December 18, 2012

I am in receipt of the emails you sent to Assistant Public Defender Antoinette Hilliard on December 18, 2012. Attorney Aus nor Attorney Lott are Assistant Public Defenders. They are private attorneys, assigned to represent you on your pending criminal charges in Durham County. If you have any concerns about your cases you should discuss those concerns with your attorneys, Mr. Aus and Ms. Lott. No-one in this office can discuss those matters with you. This will be my first and only communication with you about this matter. Please do not contact this office again about this matter. Thank you.
Lawrence M. Campbell
Chief Public Defender Durham County
Office: 919.808.3023
Fax:    919.808.3040
Durham County Judicial Building
201 East Main Street, Suite 500
Post Office Box 25291
Durham, North Carolina 27702 

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