Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Confounding Behavior Of The SECOND & THIRD Durham Public Defenders To Be Removed

For the TEN Reasons listed below, Brian Aus of Shella, Harris & Aus and Kimberly Lott of Stewman & Booker were asked to be removed from representing Spencer C. Young in his defense of the entirely FALSE charges.  These charges should have NEVER been acted upon or would have otherwise been DISMISSED or DROPPED long ago if Durham County (NC) weren't so profoundly corrupt.  

The BOGUS charges were filed against Mr. Young to COVER-UP the extensive criminal activities of a woefully corrupt Durham County Judge, David Q. LaBarre, who masterminded an intricate array of felonies with and for the benefit of Leah R. Krier.
Aus                       Lott                       LaBarre                         Krier                   Stanback
Ms. Krier has recently confessed to the felonies, but has NOT been arrested.  Why is this?  A patently BIZARRE set of circumstances and confounding behavior further evidences the stifling level of legal and judicial corruption that exists today in Durham County, and here's why:

  1. No Calls Accepted - Neither of the attorneys (Brian Aus nor Kimberly Lott) would take Mr. Young's calls;
  2. No Calls Returned - Neither of the attorneys would return Mr. Young's phone calls, nor respond to voicemail messages left;
  3. No Response to Emails - Neither of the attorneys would respond to Mr. Young emails;
  4. No Effort to Recover Stolen Property - Neither of the attorneys had undertaken actions to recover Mr. Young's stolen property (exceeding $200,000 in value, including a Mercedes Benz S-320) which his misguided accuser has admitted (to the Durham DA, no less) to having possession of;
  5. Failure to Have FALSE Charges Dismissed - In light of Ms. Krier's confession (in #4), neither of the attorneys attempted to have the obviously bogus charges against Mr. Young dismissed.  Requesting the return of one's stolen property is NOT extortion;
  6. Failure to Prosecute the REAL Criminals - Neither attorney had taken any action to prosecute the 30-page criminal indictment filed against Judge LaBarre, Ms. Krier and complicit others;
  7. No Effort to Confront the Durham DA's "Conflict of Interest" -Neither attorney has addressed the conflict of interest between LaBarre and the acting Durham DA Leon Stanback, who are long time friends and colleagues as Durham County Superior Court Justices, which would explain his "Nifongesque" overzealous prosecution of what he KNOWS to be FALSE charges
  8. Recklessly Ignored the Assault of Their Client - Both attorneys have completely ignored Mr. Young's UNLAWFUL arrest, torture and incarceration WITHOUT bail for 127 days in maximum security jail, as well as the fatally defective extradition from Florida, predicated on fraud;
  9. Deliberately Withheld Discovery - Both attorneys have deliberately withheld Discovery information from Mr. Young, which they received on Dec. 6, 2012; and
  10. Failure to Recover Computers - Neither of the attorneys have undertaken actions to recover Mr. Young's UNLAWFULLY seized computer equipment, which was a desperate attempt by LaBarre to suppress the damning evidence against him.
So is this representative of normal everyday
behavior of upstanding ethical attorneys? . . .

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