Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Bizarre Circumstances in the Removal of the FOURTH Public Defender (Who May NOT Exist)

The below transmittal was emailed January 8, 2013 to Janet J. Lennon, the FOURTH public defender assigned to defend Spencer C. Young against FALSE charges to cover up the criminal wrongdoings of corrupt Durham County Judge David Q. Labarre and Leah R. Krier, with whom he is romantically involved.  The failures of the three prior public defenders John ("Randy") Griffin, Kimberly Lott and Brian Aus are well documented through this web-log, the details of which are accessible via hyperlink in the body of the transmittal (below).
Lennon               LaBarre                 Krier                   Griffin                Lott            Aus
Although Ms. Lennon was purportedly working on Mr. Young's case for a week, she NEVER contacted him, NEVER returned his phone calls, NEVER responded to his emails -- in fact, it appears Janet J. Lennon may not even exist !!

As noted below, many others in the News Media and in Law Enforcement were copied -- for the efforts to cover up the Crimes of Judge LaBarre are becoming more outlandish and desperate. 

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: myr127 <>
Cc: lawrence.m.campbell <>; antoinette.hilliard <>; Charlotte.public <>; Robert.Mueller <>; gtart <>; rrobinson <>; dgerman <>; ncago <>; roy.austin <>; today <today@today.nbc>; ontherecord <>; nightly <>; foxreport <>; special <>; Hannity <>; oreilly <>; fair <>; letters <>; newstips <>; news-tips <>; letters <>; wt <>; online <>; letters <>; tips <>; newsletters <>; bloomberg <>; info <>; dtalbot <>; editor <>; writers <>; press <>; tips <>; newsmanager <>; cnnbreakingnews <>; letters <>; NNBNBCountdown <>; dateline <>; letters <>; evening <>; earlyshow <>; 60m <>; wsj.ltrs <>; letters <>; editor <>; joanne.crosby <>; 48hours <>; ftn <>; info <>; scoop <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 8, 2013 2:19 pm

Subject: DEMAND for Janet J. Lennon's Resignation & Evidence of an OBVIOUS & MASSIVE Scandal

Note to those copied herein:  This transmittal, including its hyper-links, reveals what is now an OBVIOUS and MASSIVE scandal, as the cover-up efforts are patently ABSURD . . . in fact, I’m not sure the person to whom it is addressed (Janet J. Lennon) actually exists.

To:       Janet J. Lennon, Esq.

Cc:      Durham Public Defender’s Office
            Federal Bureau of Investigation
            US Dept. of Justice
            NC State Bureau of Investigation
            NC Dept. of Justice
            Mainstream News Media


For reasons articulated in the attached letter dated 1/5/13, I DEMAND your resignation in representing me as a public defender in the BOGUS charges, which should have been dropped long ago.  It is inexcusable that you NEVER bothered to contact me:

In my opinion, your atrocious behavior is deliberate and coincides with the creative means of stonewalling employed by your predecessors:
  1. John Griffin of Griffin & Frasier
  2. Kimberly Lott of Stewman & Booker; and
  3. Brian Aus of Shella, Harris & Aus . . .

. . . the intent of which is to do NOTHING in my defense, and thereby facilitate a kangaroo-court prosecution and thereby COVER-UP the criminal actions of Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre (also attached).  The efforts to prosecute me for charges made up out of thin air are ALSO intended to COVER-UP “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history”, and the astonishing number of criminal activities sponsored by Morgan Stanley with the assistance of Kirkland & Ellis in the now epic scandal known as “MorganStanleyGate”.

And what makes this instance of CRIMINAL COVER-UP so obvious is that the detailed 30-page criminal indictment against Judge LaBarre and others was never prosecuted, and that I was arrested by a SWAT team of US Marshals THE DAY AFTER the complaint was filed against LaBarre, and then UNLAWFULLY incarcerated with violent felons for 127 days while being DENIED bail.  This is an outrageous assault on the US Constitution, and MUST be exposed.


Spencer C. Young

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