Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Was Spencer C. Young Arrested on FABRICATED Charges? . . .

. . . And The Answer is . . . to COVER UP: 

  1. Judge David Q. LaBarre’s criminal activities;
  2. The Durham Police Department’s involvement;
  3. The worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history”, a distinction that can be verified by internet search; and
  4. Other elements of the underlying scandal that has instigated these nightmares and so much more – to wit, MorganStanleyGate.
The Contact Information of a Dangerously Corrupt Judge
When Pressed As To Why The Criminal Complaint Against Judge LaBarre
Was Not Acted Upon, Captain Ray Taylor Was Forced Into "Early Retirement" 
The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in US History
 Is One Of The MANY Elements of MorganStanleyGate

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