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Failure of FIFTH Public Defender in Continued Cover-Up of the Criminal Acts of Judge David Q. LaBarre

The below email was issued yesterday (Jan. 15, 2013), evidencing the continued insidious efforts to cover-up the criminal wrongdoings of a woefully corrupt Durham County Judge (David Q. LaBarre) and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier.  In this case, the cover-up entailed the FIFTH illegitimate public defender (William "Bill" Breeze) assigned to defend Spencer C. Young against FALSE charges, the intent of which are to cover up the criminal activities of LaBarre, Krier and others

It is astonishing to think THIEVES can brazenly ROB their victims and then have their VICTIMS ARRESTED on FALSE CHARGES literally made up out of THIN AIR . . . and in this case, the  THIEVES include a Durham County (NC) Judge and his girlfriend.

And what is even more astonishing is this . . .

Leah Krier has CONFESSED to the Thefts and
Has Admitted to Having Possession of the Personal Property
She and Judge LaBarre Stole from Spencer C. Young
Over a Six Month Period in 2011

And to whom did Ms. Krier make this confession?  Kelly Gallagher, the Assistant Durham County Public Defender who has recklessly been prosecuting the FALSE CHARGES against Mr. Young.

Lawrence Campbell
This raises the following questions:
  1. Why have the FALSE CHARGES against Mr. Young not been dropped or otherwise dismissed?
  2. Why has Mr. Young's property not been returned to him? and
  3. Why hasn't the criminal complaint against LaBarre, Krier and others been prosecuted?
Perhaps someone like Lawrence Campbell, the Chief Public Defender of Durham County can answer these questions.  

To:          Lawrence M. Campbell – Chief Public Defender of Durham County

Cc:          National News Media
               Select Law Enforcement
Bcc:        Interested Others
Re:         Cover-Up of the Criminal Wrongdoings of Judge David Q. LaBarre
              & His Girlfriend, Leah R. Krier
The efforts to COVER-UP the CRIMINAL wrongdoings of CORRUPT  Durham County Judge David Q LaBarre, and his girlfriend Leah R. Krier (pictured below), are quite obvious.  And this email will summarize why William Breeze MUST be removed from representation as my public defender in the 100% false and entirely concocted charges against me.  It will then be followed by a fully dissected analysis of the astonishing level of corruption involved in this matter.

Mr. Breeze represents the FIFTH failure of your office in a matter that should have never been prosecuted, and in the very least should have been dismissed long ago.  In responding, please avoid suggesting I have any culpability in the profoundly incompetent circus antics of the five public defenders assigned over the past 2 ½ months – for this is why I have been circulating the details to the mainstream media and law enforcement (also copied herein), and have posted on-line.
Why William Breeze MUST Be Removed
Here are just a few of the reasons why Mr. Breeze MUST be removed from representation:
  1. No Background – Mr. Breeze has no background in criminal defense -  his practice is in administrative and government law
  2. No Website – He is a sole practitioner, yet he has no website and does not advertise – this is beyond suspicious
  3. No Cases – internet searches yield NOTHING in terms of cases he’s handled and the only thing substantive that pops up is that he chaired some committee on immigration law
  4. No Pictures - He has no pictures online, which I have always found to be a flag that the person has something to hide, and therefore has undertaken sophisticated means of removing information – and that he has NO pictures on his Facebook page is beyond the pale.
  5. Also Corrupt – Mr. Breeze’s emailed response to my THREE stated objectives (dismiss charges, return my property & prosecute my filed 7/2/2012 complaint), our ensuing conversation last week and his inaction to date, confirm he will (just like his four predecessors) do NOTHING to achieve them – he represents yet another instance of insidious intentions and a stifling level of corruption in the Durham County legal process.  Any public defender with integrity would see what’s REALLY going on (a BLATANT FRAUD OF EPIC PROPORTION) and march right into the DA’s office to DEMAND: (i) the charges be dropped; (ii) the return of my property; and (iii) my filed complaint be prosecuted.
  6. Friend of the Devil – Further corroborating his lack of ethics and integrity, Mr. Breeze is also close friends with a Durham County official who was caught red-handed and played an instrumental role in the FRAUD associated with my extradition from Florida to North Carolina.  This will be covered in the transmittal that follows.  Sadly, one of your direct reports is also implicated.
I am looking for the completion of . . . 

Three Objectives 

1)  My Charges MUST Be Dismissed
Let’s get this straight – I am the VICTIM of Grand Larceny Theft perpetrated by Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend Leah Krier, and to COVER-UP their CRIMINAL acts, I was arrested on FABRICATED charges that were made up out of thin air in the SAME RECKLESS MANNER that Crystal Mangum made her FALSE claims against three innocent Duke student/athletes, which then Durham DA Mike Nifong zealously pursued in the Duke Men’s Lacrosse FRAUD ( I should know, my son was on the team and his best friend Collin Finnerty was one of the three indicted) ; however, what happened to me was MUCH WORSE, as I spent 127 days being physically and psychologically tortured in maximum security jail while being UNLAWFULLY DENIED BAIL.  This is NOT only UNACCEPTABLE, this should NEVER OCCUR IN AMERICA !! 
All told, 17 of my Constitutional Rights were violated.  And I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN PROVIDED WITH DISCOVERY, which Brian Aus has withheld from me.  Moreover, my LYING FALSE ACCUSER, Leah Krier has confessed to Kelly Gallagher, the assistant Durham County DA prosecuting this ruse that she in fact carried out the thefts and has possession of MY PROPERTY.   My charges MUST be dismissed.

2)  My Property MUST Be Returned
Since Ms. Krier has admitted to having possession of MY property, I want it back NOW !!  And my computer equipment is still UNLAWFULLY being withheld from me for over six months.  And if you wish to believe the bullshit charge of “cyberstalking” upon which the WRONGFUL SEIZURE was based (in reality it was an effort to suppress evidence against LaBarre & Krier, and therefore an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE), then the Durham Police should  keep the back-up drives (which one can readily see are exact copies of what’s on my computers) and return ALL of my computer equipment to me.  My property MUST be returned.
3)  The July 2, 2012 Criminal Complaint MUST Be Prosecuted
I’ve never received a straight answer as to why the 30 page complaint detailing the FIVE EPISODES of Felonies committed by Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend (Leah Krier), hasn’t been prosecuted.  The only action I’ve seen in response was the mysterious and abrupt “retirement” of Captain Ray Taylor, shortly after I began to press this when finally able to secure my release from jail.  The Criminal Complaint filed on July 2, 2012 MUST be prosecuted.
Please Respond ASAP
My next hearing is set for ONE WEEK from TODAY, so I request that you respond ASAP.  And at this point, knowing what you know, perhaps it is YOU who should march into Durham DA Leon Stanback office.  Thank you.
Spencer C. Young

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