Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brian Aus . . . A Truly Reprehensible Attorney in Durham, North Carolina

As described in the below widely distributed email, I frankly don't understand how Brian Aus of Shella, Harris & Aus can be allowed to practice law, as I am beginning to believe the premise of the movie Liar Liar was based on the life and times of Mr. Aus, with TWO exceptions:
  1)  There is nothing funny about Mr. Aus' fraudulent and deceitful ways; and
  2)  He will likely NEVER realize the eventual epiphany of Jim Carrey's character

Mr. Aus is representative of the stifling level of corruption that exists in Durham County, North Carolina as the intent of Mr. Aus' repugnant behavior was to COVER-UP the criminal wrongdoings of a woefully corrupt Durham County Judge, David Q. LaBarre.

Aus                     Art Imitating Life?                      LaBarre
When considering the many fraud-based and condemnable actions of Mr. Aus during the time he was purportedly representing me, I believe it would be appropriate that he incorporate the letter "s" in his last name for in my opinion, he embodies that kind of person when preceded by "flaming" and followed by "hole".

Notwithstanding, as horrible Mr. Aus may be, the profoundly EVIL David Q. LaBarre makes Mr. Aus look like a choir boy.

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From: Spencer C. Young <>

To: brianauslaw <>
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Sent: Fri, Dec 28, 2012 5:54 pm
Subject: Brian Aus -- A Durham NC Attorney Involved in a Criminal Cover-Up

To:  Brian Aus  – Shella, Harris & Aus  (representative counsel as assigned public defender)

Brian, in my opinion, you’re boldfaced liar, a profound coward, and a disgrace to the legal profession.

After failing to return my phone calls nor respond to my emails since being assigned (a month ago) to represent me as public defender, I had Tracie Lutz, a supervisor in the Durham County Superior Court Clerk’s Office call you and ask why you have been withholding FROM ME the discovery information you received on December 6.  She reported back that you informed her that you had sent it, but I refused to accept it -- this is a God-damn LIE.  And when I tried calling you immediately after Tracie spoke with you, once again you did not take my phone call.

Your behavior is reprehensible,inexcusable and coincides with an OBVIOUS effort to cover-up the criminal activities of the “retired” Durham County Superior Court Judge David Q. LaBarre, who orchestrated an astonishing array of felonies, which are detailed in the attached criminal complaint . . . BUT HAVE NOT BEEN ACTED UPON due to corrupt influence. And you well know the false charges against me are an integral part of this cover-up.

  1. Send me the discovery information you have withheld from me; and
  2. Resign representation

Note to Lawrence Campbell and Antoinette Hilliard of the Durham Public Defender's Office:  I reiterate my earlier request to assign a legitimate public defender immune to corrupt influence, who will protect my rights and undertake actions to facilitate the:

  1. Return of my stolen property;
  2. Prosecution of my criminal complaint against Judge LaBarre and others (attached)
  3. Dismissal of the FALSE charges against me; and
  4. Recompense for damages associated with my UNLAWFUL arrest, torture and incarceration

This matter is not only preposterous, it is an ASSAULT on the US Constitution by a dangerously corrupt NC judge (David Q. LaBarre), whose UNLAWFUL activities have been supported by a disturbing level of corruption. In copying the mainstream media, I again point out that this is merely "the tip of the iceberg" to something much bigger. 


Spencer C. Young

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