Monday, April 4, 2011

FAQ - FIN # 2: Why does Mr. Young have no credit and is unable to get a simple credit card?

Mr. Young is Ivy-league educated with a Masters degree in finance, started his career at a Big 8 accounting firm, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  He had ALWAYS been fiscally prudent, and maintained an exemplary personal credit standing for decades -- in fact, he had maintained an "excellent" personal FICO score of 794 five years into the MorganStanleyGate scandal -- in other words, his credit record continued to be spotless five years AFTER Morgan Stanley's employment fraud had commenced and he was prevented from regaining comparable reemployment.

In fact, he would have readily maintained his superior credit standing had it not been for: (1) extensive commercial sabotage of his NC properties; (2) the outlandish smear campaign in NC; (3) the conspired reneged financings by Wachovia and Paragon; (4) his wife's dramatic increase in her spending (instead of cutting back); (5) his wife's delay in selling their residence in New York; (6) his wife taking out credit cards in his name without his knowledge and racking up over $40,000 in charges; and (7) his wife filing for divorce when the sabotage and smear campaigns were amplified. As a result the 794 FICO score plummeted to 583 ("poor").  Accordingly, a bonafide expert in finance and accounting with a net worth of $46 million, and a consistent seven figure income was suddenly unable to get a simple credit card, and a local NC bank refused to open up a simple checking account for him.

Notwithstanding Mr. Young intends to resolve MorganStanleyGate and expose those responsible for this astonishing fraud, regain ALL that was stolen, and ensure all legitimate claims are paid in full and that his high personal credit standing is FULLY reinstated.

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