Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Maria Of My Soul

The below video was produced as a tribute to Maria with the few pictures I have of her, along with many TV broadcast clips of our son Ryan playing collegiate lacrosse for the University of Maryland, where her valiant battle with pancreatic cancer had been often discussed by the sports announcers at CBS, FOX and ESPN.  Accordingly, she has become well-known to many in these national broadcasts, which helped raise awareness for pancreatic cancer and the search for a cure and prevention of this exceptionally deadly disease.

Maria had no history of cancer in her family, she didn't smoke, and didn't drink except for an occasional glass of wine.  Without question, her cancer was brought about by the overwhelming and unrelenting stress of MorganStanleyGate.  It is an empirically-documented medical fact that chronic stress can substantially lower one's auto-immune system, which serves as the primary defense against cancer.

P.S.:  You'll be interested in understanding why I have so few pictures of my wife of 24 years.  Paragon Commercial Bank was part of the negotiations of our divorce settlement agreement (again, the stress of MorganStanleyGate ended our marriage), and had agreed to finance its key provisions; however, shortly after the agreement was inked, Paragon treacherously reneged (pursuant to directives received from Morgan Stanley).  In response, Maria withheld two decades of family pictures I was to receive copies of.

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