Thursday, April 7, 2011

FAQ - R/E # 2: Why was a portion of The Courtyard's parking lot blockaded when it was?

For 19 months (Jan. 2006 through the last week in July 2007), the Town of Chapel Hill ("Town") regularly thwarted Mr. Craig's attempts to blockade portions of the parking lot because: (1) the blockade would have violated the Town's operative Special Use Permit concerning such parking; (2) the Town has an obligation to enforce the permits it has issued; (3) Mr. Craig engaged in bad faith in refusing to enter into ANY agreement under ANY terms; (4) Mr. Craig had a well-established and notorious reputation of bad faith and similarly antagonistic behavior with previous owners of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill ("TCoCH"); and (5) Mayor Kevin Foy and Mayor Pro Tem Bill Strom expressly promised Mr. Young they would strictly enforce the operative parking lot SUP, and urge Mr. Craig to pursue any claims he may have through the civil courts. Messrs. Foy and Strom did so because Mr. Young's planned redevelopment of TCoCH would help to overcome the blight that had set into that part of Town.

So why after 19 months of judicious enforcement of the subject SUP did the Town of Chapel Hill suddenly condone Mr. Craig's efforts to blockade the TCoCH parking lot in late July 2007? ANSWER: The timing was secretly arranged and put into effect by Andrew Clubok of Kirkland & Ellis (on behalf of Morgan Stanley) and executed through the diabolical work of Ralph Karpinos, the Town Attorney, who held several meetings with Mr. Craig and outlined specific directions on how to go about establishing the blockades, along with assurances that the Town would: (1) prevent Mr. Young from removing the blockade; (2) not compel Mr. Craig to remove the blockade; and (3) not levy any fines on Mr. Craig for violating the operative SUP. Mr. Karpinos also provided Mr. Craig with the specific dates to set up the blockade -- to wit, the weekend of July 28 & 29.

Why were these dates chosen? They were chosen to coincide with a secretly arranged divorce judgment in New York, which Mr. Young was never served court papers on -- and it was at that time when the written smear campaign was ramped up. This coordinated effort was intended to overwhelm Mr. Young with strife and start the process of going after all of his assets so that he could not pursue his mounting claims in MorganStanleyGate.

Important side note: That which was printed in the 60 false and disparaging articles were ALL predicated on this one orchestrated event . . . and it was widespread corruption that prevented its resolution.

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