Friday, April 8, 2011

More Stonewalling by the Durham Police Dept.

A Sergeant Summerville of the Durham Police Dept. called on Mar. 31 regarding their botched investigation -- the two officers who filibustered the investigation for two weeks (Officers Deloach and Heim) report directly to Sgt. Summerville.  Although he professed his wish to be helpful, Mr. Young was justifiably suspicious.

Sgt. Summerville did not respond to the below email, nor did he make any attempt to communicate further again.

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: stacy.summerville <>
Sent: Thu, Mar 31, 2011 3:12 pm
Subject: Incident Report #: 11-007695

To:  Sergeant Stacy Summerville - Durham Police Dept.

Sgt. Summerville --

Thank you for your call today.  To help with the investigation of noted irregularities on your end, I refer you to the document detailing the gross mishandling of Incident Report #:  11-007695, which is located at the following website address:

Since Officers Deloach and Heim report to you, I am interested in understanding why they stonewalled the investigation for two weeks, and accomplished nothing, which I find especially disturbing since the safety and welfare of my toddler son, Jackson remains in question.


Spencer C. Young

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