Friday, April 8, 2011

Durham Police Chief Involved In Cover-Up - Something's Rotten in Denmark

One of the stated objectives of this blog is to:

"Expose The Lies - Emphasis is placed on exposing the bombastic lies and equivocations that are the hallmark of this scandal.  And the telltale signs of fraud are evasiveness and irrational behavior.  When this is identified, a noteworthy aggressiveness is employed to get to the truth.  And those who are "busted" ALL DO THE SAME THING -- they repeat what was already proven false, and then recoil into a cowardly state of incommunicado, which is a commonality among those who lack integrity."

That which is highlighted above is PRECISELY HOW THE DURHAM POLICE DEPT. IS BEHAVING.  Therefore, when Mr. Young received the absurd and evasive response from Police Chief Lopez via Asst. Police Chief Steve Mihaich, he employed the requisite "noteworthy aggressiveness" in getting to the truth, as evidenced in his email of April 7, reproduced below.

Note:  The many questions and irregularities that Mr. Lopez skirted can be accessed by clicking here, and the evasiveness is so profound, it appears "something is in rotten in Denmark", i.e., there is MORE to this.

Subject: Your Response . . .
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 14:46:40 +0000

. . . suggests you didn't read my letter . . . So let's try this again . . . And answer the FUCKING questions! 

This matter is NOT closed by a long shot -- for it will now take on a life of its own as a criminal matter involving widespread corruption within the Durham Police Dept, with links to TWO national scandals. So thank you for hanging yourselves with the metaphorical rope provided -- you guys are not only corrupt, but complete imbeciles . . . for you always step right into the traps I set for you. 

And get this through your thick skulls -- the referenced ex parte motion is a complete FRAUD, and the Durham Police Dept. directly participated in its procreation. Moreover, the notion of domestic violence is an OBVIOUS CANARD for it is a physical impossibility, and was concocted in a feckless and desperate cover-up effort -- it is yet ANOTHER BOLD-FACED LIE.

I've not seen the bogus document either, but you seem to be highly conversant with it -- so please have it emailed it to me (as I have requested all along).

Be forewarned that the more you LIE and COVER-UP, the more I will symbolically crucify you in the public forum. But look at the bright side . . . you'll be famous with all the media coverage you're about to receive . . . sort of like Mike Nifong. 

I look forward to your PROMPT response, including the long overdue return phone call from Capt. Taylor. I'm also awaiting a follow-up call from Sgt. Summerville, who promised to have an answer to what Officers Deloach and Heim accomplished during the first two weeks of the investigation. 

I perceive the Durham Police Dept. as the corrupt 21st Century redux of the Keystone Cops. . . You are collectively an embarrassment, and the local community should have ZERO trust in you.


From: "Mihaich, Steve" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 13:18:37 -0400
To: <>
Subject: FW: Incident Report #: 11-007695 -- I Want The Truth

Mr. Young,

Please see the attached letter to you from Chief Lopez dated April 4, 2011. Your concerns are civil in nature and not criminal  therefore  if you wish to pursue this further , it will need to be in the civil arena as the Durham Police Department considers this matter closed.

Stephen Mihaich
Deputy Chief, Operations Bureau
Police Department, City of Durham
505 W. Chapel Hill Street
Durham, NC 27701
P (919)560-4322 ext. 29204
F (919)560-4971

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