Friday, April 8, 2011

Mountains from Mole-Hills by the Durham Police . . . in the Land of Liars

The below emails were exchanged with Capt. Ray Taylor of the Durham Police, and based on extensive first hand experience over six years, Spencer Young has concluded the Triangle Region of North Carolina warrants an updated and more accurate moniker -- to wit, "The Land of Liars" -- this being the case because it seems the preponderance of its residents are pathologically predisposed to prevarication (note: try to say that five times fast) and incapable to operating within the world of reality.

In what should have been a pedestrian investigation to assess the safety, care and well-being of little Jackson, and take account of some valuable belongings stolen by Leah Krier, Mr. Young has serendipitously stumbled upon an astonishing level of corruption and cover-up, which is detailed further in subsequent correspondence with Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez.

One of the more remarkable manifestations from this matter is that the Durham Police are literally afraid to speak with me -- for each time they do, I catch them red-handed in a lie, and others involved include a yet unidentified Durham family law attorney and a Durham District Court Judge involved in a bogus ex parte order alleging domestic violence that they now realize would have been impossible to occur -- only possible in the Land of Liars.

Anyway, the emails below were exchanged after it became obvious the Durham Police Dept. was continuing to drag their feet in answering questions about their botched investigation.  Without question, they have made a mountain out of a mole-hill, but Mr.Young is  not letting go of this . . . for where there is smoke, there is fire.

P.S.  Brandon Sherer's (Asst. News Director of ABC News 11) lack of responsiveness suggests more shenanigans, which Mr. Young was testing out by looping him in . . . and as expected, he failed miserably . . .  this Land of Liars is currently one very screwed up region.

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: ray.taylor <>
Cc: jose.lopez <>; winslow.forbes <>; Brandon.G.Sherer <>
Sent: Tue, Apr 5, 2011 11:43 pm
Subject: Re: Incident Report #: 11-007695 -- I Want The Truth

To:   Captain Ray Taylor - Durham Police Dept.

cc: Jose Lopez - Durham Police Chief
Winslow Forbes - Asst. Police Chief
Brandon G. Sherer - Assistant News Director - ABC 11 News

Capt. Taylor:
My disappointment in the Durham Police Department continues to be profound.

You don't have the fortitude to speak with me by phone, and I had to prod you a week later for a response to my many questions and observations of “irregularities” in the conduct of the above referenced investigation.  Your terse response (reproduced below) doesn’t work for me, for I believe "the cows will come home" before I ever hear from Police Chief Lopez, as you earlier indicated.  Let me make this very clear to you -- I believe the health, welfare and safety of my toddler son, Jackson is at risk, and your continued botching of this investigation and follow-up has perhaps made it more so  - moreover, you've done nothing to recover my stolen belongings.
I am astonished a Police Captain can behave in such a reckless and cowardly manner.  What are you afraid of – my questions?  While initially impressed with you and your responsiveness, within 24 hours, you allowed your integrity to be undermined . . . to the point that I have lost respect for you altogether.
I continue to believe the Triangle Region of North Carolina is over-run by a surfeit of bullies and cowards, who share the ubiquitous regional trait of pathological lying.  And while I would like to believe you are inherently a good and decent fellow, it’s obvious you subsequently got bullied into covering up this travesty of an investigation with audacious lies.  And apparently you don’t have the balls to take a stand within the Durham Police Dept. and say: "this isn't right, and I will NOT support nor condone such shoddy discharge of law enforcement responsibilities".   True leadership is taking a position that you know in your heart is right, despite the fact it may be unpopular.
While I appreciate the Chief Lopez will purportedly be responding to my many questions (which would only be the case because I copied him on my original email to you), there are things you and I should discuss, and there is no reason for you to be evasive . . . unless, of course you've got something to hide.



[Note: Our most recent email correspondence is reflected below.]
------Original Message------
From: Captain Ray Taylor
Cc: Winslow Forbes
Subject: RE: Incident Report #:  11-007695
Sent: Apr 1, 2011 5:34 PM
Mr. Young,
Chief Lopez received your email and will be responding.
-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young []
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:48 PM
To: Taylor, Morris
Subject: Incident Report #:  11-007695
Capt. Taylor --
I would like to follow up on my email of Mar. 25 re:  Incident Report
#:  11-007695, which is located at the following website address:
Please revert with a response. Thank you.

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