Monday, January 21, 2013

To Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback: Please Stop the Madness

Leon Stanback
The below message was sent today by email and text message to acting Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback.  This COVER-UP of the CRIMES of Corrupt Durham County Judge David Q. LaBarre , and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier has GOT to STOP.  And there must be accountability for the UNLAWFUL arrest and 127 day incarceration of Spencer C. Young.

Mr. Stanback's behavior mirrors that of his predecessor, former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong who zealously prosecuted what he knew to be the FALSE charges of a misguided woman in the Duke Lacrosse scandal (Note: Mr. Young's son Michael was on the team).  What makes Mr. Stanback's actions even worse is that the FALSE charges were made to COVER-UP five separate episodes of FELONIES perpetrated by LaBarre and his girlfriend over a six month period, including grand larceny, fraudulent conversion and auto theft.  In addition, LaBarre abused his judicial authority to obstruct justice, criminally invade privacy and waste government resources in an effort to suppress the overwhelming evidence against him.  In short, LaBarre is a monster.

Even more remarkable, Ms. Krier has admitted to the thefts and to having possession of the stolen property, which she confessed to Kelly Gaugher, the Asst. DA prosecuting the BOGUS charges against Spencer C. Young.
      Stanback                  LaBarre                          Krier                       Nifong

So these questions remain

Why has DA Leon Stanback . . .  
  • . . . continued this CHARADE and COVER-UP?
  • . . . not DROPPED the FALSE charges against Mr. Young?
  • . . . not RETURNED Mr. Young's stolen property?
  • . . . not PROSECUTED the actual CRIMINALS in this matter? (pictured below)

Judge David Q. LaBarre and Leah R. Krier at a Romantic Dinner Together in December 2010

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Sent: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 11:31 am

Subject: DA Lean Stanback, Please Stop the Madness

To:  Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback

The ASSAULT on my civil liberties, property rights and constitutional rights has wasted hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars in an effort to prosecute now OBVIOUSLY FALSE charges against me, which manifested to COVER-UP the CRIMES of CORRUPT Durham County Judge, David Q. LaBarre -- He is NOT above the law, and this madness MUST stop, which begins by:

  1. Dropping ALL of the BOGUS charges against me
  2. Returning ALL of my stolen property, which Mr. LaBarre's misguided girlfriend admits to having possession of (including my computers which were UNLAWFULLY confiscated to suppress evidence against LaBarre in the subsequent ransacking of my Florida residence); and
  3. Prosecuting my 7/2/12 Complaint

I am the VICTIM . . . . David Q. LaBarre, and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier are the CRIMINALS.


Spencer C. Young

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