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Press Release on Filing of Sworn Affidavit to Remove Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback From Office

This press release was issued to virtually every news media outlet in the United States as it is linked to a scandal of national interest.


Author of “Cannibals In White Shoes” 
and Father of Duke Lacrosse Scandal Victim
Files Sworn Affidavit to Remove Durham
District Attorney From Office


Contact: Spencer C. Young –
Durham, NC (August 20, 2013) — Today, Spencer C. Young filed a Sworn Affidavit with the Clerk of Superior Court in Durham County requesting the Court remove District Attorney Leon Stanback from office.  This follows an affidavit similarly seeking Stanback’s removal, which was filed two weeks ago by Durham resident James Michael Lynch (File # 13CVS03898); however, the allegations in the earlier filed complaint pertain to entirely unrelated circumstances.  Mr. Young also concurrently filed multiple criminal charges against Mr. Stanback and others involved in what he describes as a “sordid mess” deliberately orchestrated to obfuscate (i.e. “cover up”) extensive other criminal activities that cross state lines.

About the Claimant
Mr. Young is a graduate-degreed, ivy-league educated former investment banking executive of JPMorgan, where he founded and served as Chief Operating Officer of its Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (“CMBS”) business, and was an investment banker and Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, where he created the IQ® CMBS franchise.  He is also the author of “Cannibals In White Shoes”, the upcoming hard-hitting exposé of yet untold banking abuse, judicial corruption and outlandish cover-up that followed him from New York to North Carolina, a move made in part to be close to his sons attending Duke University.

This tell-all literary work recounts the experiences of a former Wall Street insider, who later became the target of perverse greed-induced retribution, including victimization in “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history”, a distinction readily verified by Google search.  It also details a remarkably orchestrated campaign of corruption-laden activities that boggle the mind, with revelations explosive enough to rock the financial world, while exposing the illicit activities of a disturbing number of wayward professionals in a variety of disciplines.  The collective account of misdeeds are part of a multi-faceted scandal coined “MorganStanleyGate”, which is directly linked to such seminal events as: (1) the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown; (2) the Duke Lacrosse Scandal; (3) the Facebook IPO Fiasco; and (4) the Occupy (Wall Street) Movement. 

This nonfiction account empirically lays out in great detail how all too often it’s those vested with the public’s trust who most abuse their positions of influence by succumbing to bribes, fear-induced threats and other forms of undue avarice-based influence.  As detailed in his affidavit, Mr. Young believes this unsavory group of influentials most certainly includes the current Durham District Attorney, Leon Stanback.

Cannibals In White Shoes is scheduled to be published this Fall, and features chapters that wax eloquent of Mr.Stanback’s misdeeds, which according to Mr. Young, “make those of disgraced predecessor Mike Nifong look like the peccadilloes of a choir boy”.  

And Mr. Young is uniquely qualified to make such a comparative assessment, as his son was on the 2006 Duke Men’s Lacrosse team victimized by Mr. Nifong’s recklessness as Durham’s District Attorney, and then six years later, Mr. Young himself fell victim to yet another dangerously aberrant Durham District Attorney, Leon Stanback.

Additional information about this upcoming literary work can be gleaned in advance of publication by visiting

Lightning Strikes Twice in the Same Place . . . Albeit With A Plot Twist
Roughly six years ago, the Durham District Attorney’s office was awash in scandal a year after it had recklessly pursued the prosecution of innocent young men on the Duke Men’s Lacrosse team, predicated on the allegations of a misguided young woman that were later shown to be bold-faced lies.  Nevertheless, a rush-to-judgment verdict was rendered in the court of public opinion, such that: (1) the 2006 season of this revered #1 nationally ranked collegiate program was cancelled; (2) their immensely talented and storied coach was abruptly fired; and (3) although just three student athletes were indicted, every member of the team was subjected to a palpable “guilt-by-association”, which manifested gratuitous vilification by many in the mainstream media.

Mr. Young’s eldest son Michael and his teammates (as well as their respective families) were subjected to unimaginable emotional distress caused by the reckless overzealous prosecutorial efforts of the now disgraced and disbarred former Durham District Attorney, Mike Nifong.  Moreover, Michael Young’s long-time childhood friend, Collin Finnerty was one of the three young men whose worlds were turned upside when they were wrongfully indicted on false felony charges of assault, kidnapping and rape.  And since Mr. Young had personally known Collin since his grade school days (serving as his CYO basketball coach), he was privy to the devastating impact the bogus indictment had on the entire Finnerty family.

As detailed in Mr. Young’s affidavit, Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback did THE SAME THING as Mike Nifong, and then RAISED THE BAR with profoundly disgraceful behavior, warranting not only Mr. Stanback’s removal and disbarment, but also imprisonment in the North Carolina State Penitentiary.  Mr. Stanback knowingly abused the powers of his office to prosecute charges he KNEW to be FALSE, while deliberately ignoring a series of brazen felonies perpetrated over a six month period by a long-time friend and colleague of his – to wit, Durham Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend.  In other words, Stanback played a pivotal role, and was knowingly complicit in the cover-up of felonies perpetrated by a public official (LaBarre), with whom he is well-acquainted, and like him is a retired Durham Superior Court Judge and long-time colleague.

The felonies perpetrated by Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend entailed grand larceny, fraudulent conversion and auto theft involving property valued at approximately $275,000, including a Mercedes Benz.  In collusion with Judge LaBarre, DA Stanback then had the victim of these felonies arrested in Florida at gun point by a US Marshal SWAT team, fraudulently extradited, imprisoned in maximum security jail with the most violent of felons, and unlawfully denied bail for 127 days on charges that were literally made up out of thin air.  All told, seventeen Constitutional rights were blatantly violated.  The charges were dismissed as meritless in part because they were predicated on the lies of a similarly misguided young woman, to wit Judge LaBarre’s girlfriend.  Nevertheless, Stanback had this victim convicted in absentia on even more bombastically false misdemeanor charges . . . and he did so after having agreed to similarly dismiss them, as they were certainly baseless.

The victim was Spencer C. Young, and now for the made-for-Hollywood plot twist . . . the misguided young woman behind all the audacious lies is Judge LaBarre’s girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, who had lived with Mr. Young after she was rendered homeless by her previous boyfriend, and after Mr. Young’s marriage of 24 years had succumbed to the unrelenting stress of MorganStanleyGate . . . that is until being evicted by SWAT team in “the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history”.

[Yes, you read correctly – Mr. Young has been unlawfully assaulted in TWO separate SWAT team attacks of a dozen heavily armed officers – the first time was part of a fraudulent foreclosure on a mortgage that had been PAID-IN-FULL and the second time, the assault was predicated on bold face lies in fabricated charges made in an effort to cover-up the theft of property involuntarily placed in storage as a result of the first SWAT team attack.  Now how can something so outlandishly counter to America values and operative law be allowed to occur?  By undertaking his actions today, Mr. Young is now assuming a leadership role to ensure this NEVER happens again.]

Affidavit Seeks a Called “Strike Three” . . . By An Objective Umpire
Based on his first-hand experience and the extensive empirical evidence that is neatly presented in Cannibals In White Shoes, Mr. Young contends the Triangle Region of North Carolina is afflicted with a stifling level of corruption among its public officials, and that Durham perhaps represents the epicenter of this modern day dystopia, with the Durham’s District Attorney’s Office serving as a prime example.
For instance, the notorious Mike Nifong was removed in humiliation from office in January 2007 (“Strike One!”).  And then Nifong’s successor, Tracey Cline was removed amid more scandal in February 2012 (“Strike Two!”), after she publicly accused Durham Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson of engaging in widespread corruption and abuse of authority.  In response, Ms. Cline was accused of obstructing justice and suppressing evidence that would have exonerated a man she was prosecuting.
Then along comes Leon Stanback, who was appointed after Ms. Cline’s ouster by then North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue.  It is important to note the former Governor Perdue signed the extradition papers that transferred Mr. Young from the Pinellas County Florida Jail to the Durham, North Carolina jail, after having been alerted the arrest was unlawful, and the documents were fraudulent and contradicted operative law.  These bogus documents were authorized by Durham Superior Court Judge, Orlando Hudson, who is the Judge designated to adjudicate affidavits to remove the District Attorney.

Accordingly, Mr. Young’s affidavit seeking removal of Leon Stanback from office (representing “Strike Three!”) requests that Judge Hudson recuse himself, and that the proceedings be overseen by the North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper AND the U.S. Department of Justice because the efforts to cover-up this sordid matter cross state lines, which is covered in the next “plot twist”.

Yet Another Plot Twist
Shortly after Mr. Young publicly announced the upcoming publishing of Cannibals In White Shoes and intentions to seek justice and recover his stolen property (including computers unlawfully seized to suppress the evidence against Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend), he was harassed with an bogus paternity claim emanating from an entirely foreign jurisdiction in a state over a 1,000 miles away, which Mr. Young has only briefly visited but once many years ago. 

The fraudulent demand for payment is also predicated on more bold-faced lies and criminal fraud by Judge LaBarre’s girlfriend – and in this case, the corrupt judge is a rural Kansas district court judge (Ron L. Svaty), who obviously had no jurisdiction whatsoever to render a judgment, and which is in direct violation of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act.  And he did so after being provided evidence that: (1) paternity didn’t exist and LaBarre’s girlfriend refused to provide buccal DNA samples; (2) Kansas could not possibly be deemed a “home state”; and (3) he lacked jurisdictional authority in this bogus matter.  Accordingly, multiple ethics complaints have been filed against Judge Svaty with the Kansas Supreme Court’s Judicial Qualifications Commission, Kansas Governor Brownbeck has been alerted and criminal complaints have also been filed with the Kansas Dept. of Justice.

Even more preposterous is that this domicile fraud perpetrated by Judge LaBarre’s girlfriend can be readily exposed by a simple phone call to the human resources department of Air Wisconsin (her employer), who can confirm her residence over the relevant time period has NEVER been in Kansas and ALWAYS in North Carolina.  The “home state” of residency under UCCJEA can also be readily confirmed with the North Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles, the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the North Carolina Dept. of Revenue and the US Postal Service.  The absurdity of it all is beyond the pale, as it is effectively using government resources and infrastructure to perpetuate the cover-up of felonies.

The intent of pursuing this bogus claim at this time is obvious – incarcerate Mr. Young for non-payment of a fraudulent child support obligation to a state with no jurisdiction whatsoever, for a child he is not the biological father of, and to a woman who has committed multiple felonies and made off with over $275,000 in property.  The absurdity of it all defies belief, and represents a last ditch effort to stop Cannibals In White Shoes from being published, as $billions in franchise value are at stake, as are the livelihoods of many who have played a complicit role in this mess.

Elephant in the Room
One might logically ask why Judge LaBarre’s girlfriend, who at one time had a close personal relationship with Mr. Young would undertake so many pernicious and fraudulent actions against him and engage in widespread felonies.  As Mr. Young has been precluded from confronting her profound transmogrification in personality, he can only surmise she has been manipulated by unsavory others, who are operating pursuant to a time-tested and empirically refined “divide & conquer” strategy.  Mr. Young is well-acquainted with such diabolical undertakings from his days as an executive at Morgan Stanley, and has seen this employed with other family members, including his wife of 24 years, who was effectively murdered by the resultant stress.

The Claims Against DA Stanback
Under the provisions set forth in NC General Statute §7A-66, which pertains to the removal of district attorneys, Mr. Young’s affidavit charges Mr. Stanback with: (i) willful misconduct in office; (ii) willful and persistent failure to perform his duties; (iii) crimes involving moral turpitude; (iv) conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings the office into disrepute; and (v) knowingly authorizing an assistant district attorney to assist in committing such acts.  Any one of these charges, if found to be true, are grounds for removal under North Carolina General Statute (“NCGS”) § 7A – 66.  In his affidavit, Mr. Young cites some of the same allegations filed two weeks ago against Mr. Stanback by Durham resident James Michael Lynch – to wit: (a) failure to investigate and prosecute a grand larceny; and (2) undertaking complicit actions with the intent to cover-up a felony.  This suggests these problems are deep-rooted and systemic within the Durham District Attorney’s office.

Mr. Young said “There can be no faith in our justice system with a district attorney who conspires to engage in criminal fraud that makes a mockery of the U.S. Constitution and assaults the very liberties upon which this nation was founded, and do so with the intent to cover-up multiple felonies perpetrated by another public official.”

According to NCGS §7A-66, once an affidavit is filed, the Clerk of the Superior Court (Archie L. Smith III) is to immediately bring the matter to the attention of the senior resident Superior Court Judge for Durham County, which must NOT be Orlando Hudson for reasons earlier articulated. Within 30 days, the adjudicating Judge should either take action on the charges or refer them for review and action to another Durham County superior court judge.  If the Court finds probable cause, believing the charges are true, Mr. Stanback could be suspended, with pay, pending a final decision in the case.  If the Court finds that grounds for removal exist, the Court would issue an order permanently removing Mr. Stanback from office and terminating his salary – according to Mr. Young, this is an imperative outcome.

Concluding Remarks
Mr. Young offered: “My overriding concern is that Durham County takes steps to immediately remove Leon Stanback, who has proved to be a clear and present danger to society, and finally appoint a competent and ethical district attorney, which this municipality has now failed to accomplish on three consecutive occasions.” 

He went on to say he is also looking for three readily achievable objectives to be attained: (1) void the bogus misdemeanor charges that remain; (2) return ALL stolen property; and (3) prosecute ALL who played a role in this audacious fraud and grand larceny.

In concluding, Mr. Young said: “This sordid mess of profound judicial corruption in North Carolina, Kansas and Florida is predicated on instances of audacious fraud that defy all vestiges of normalcy and common sense.  And it is this level of utter societal dysfunction and perversion of a once respected U.S. judicial system that results from the surreptitious unbridled greed of certain financial institutions . . . and the who, what, where, when, why and how of this is provocatively revealed in Cannibals In White Shoes”. 

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