Friday, June 10, 2011

A Sudden Inexplicable Drop in Website Hits

On April 22 this year, a blog entry was made announcing, among other things, explosive growth in the number of "hits" to Spencer Young's nine content websites (this specifically excluded hits to his three feeder websites at Facebook, Twitter and Linked In).  The April month-to-date results at that point indicated a projected number of hits for the month of April of 185,000, which equated to an annualized hit rate of 2.2 million.  

This jump in website hits followed a slight decline in the month of March 2011, which was attributable to Mr. Young's attention being diverted to the nonsensical legal antics (concerning custody and child support) of his once-fiancee' Leah Krier, and unethical attorney, Jane Isern, as well as the extensive corruption noted in the Durham Police Department.  

Remarkably, Ms. Krier remains oblivious to having been duped and manipulated into turning against Mr. Young, and has since had a nervous breakdown and has engaged in a life without morals, and has now committed felony crimes.  This is consistent with the long practiced "divided & conquer" strategy in the cover-up of the MorganStanleyGate scandal employed by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.

The explosive growth in April commenced at the beginning of the month and continued to steadily increase across all nine content websites, such that the actual number of hits came in at 242,292, equating to an annual hit rate of 2.9 million.  This was an increase of 81% over the prior month.  

However, an odd phenomenon was immediately noticed on May 1, and has been continuing.  As noted in the below chart, the month of May declined 36% from the prior month, and June is continuing this trend and is shaping up to be one-third of what April's website hits were.  How can this be, and who is responsible?  

We are running the forensics, but who do you think?

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