Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rogue Air Wisconsin Employee (and Agent for US Airways) Now Regularly Engaging in Grand Larceny

The below email was sent to the senior management of US Airways and Air Wisconsin requesting that they intervene in counseling a rogue employee (Leah R. Krier) who has been regularly engaging in felony activities, and the impending embarrassment she will end up bringing to them, if they don't act quickly.

Follow up inquiry was also made if any changes in internal controls were made in response to the ongoing theft of US Air Beverage sales by Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants, in which Leah Krier played a prominent role.

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <spencercyoung@aol.com>
To: douglas.parker <douglas.parker@usairways.com>; scott.kirby <scott.kirby@usairways.com>; robert.isom <robert.isom@usairways.com>; derek.kerr <derek.kerr@usairways.com>; daniel.pon <daniel.pon@usairways.com>; jim.rankin <jim.rankin@airwis.com>; christine.deister <christine.deister@airwis.com>
Cc: blueskygirl2u <blueskygirl2u@aol.com>; leah.krier <leah.krier@airwis.com>; landonkrier141 <landonkrier141@hotmail.com>; kevin.young <kevin.young@duke.edu>; michaelyoung2727 <michaelyoung2727@gmail.com>; blueskygirl2u <blueskygirl2u@aol.com>; ednamayyoung <ednamayyoung@yahoo.com>; lanekrier <lanekrier@yahoo.com>; ryoung15 <ryoung15@umd.edu>; lancekrier <lancekrier@live.com>; krierranch <krierranch@hotmail.com>; leah.krier <leah.krier@airwis.com>; krierdozer <krierdozer@yahoo.com>; Vallarinorade <Vallarinorade@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Aug 30, 2011 12:40 am
Subject: Fwd: More Grand Larceny by Air Wisconsin Employee Leah Krier

To:  Senior Management of US Airways and Air Wisconsin

The below public blog posting can also be accessed by clicking here, and please understand Air Wisconsin employee (Leah R. Krier) WILL be prosecuted.  Sadly, Leah still doesn't realize she's been a manipulated pawn and involved in scandals that are way over her head.

Oddly, Leah's also been unwittingly helpful in exposing the extent of corruption involved in theMorganStanleyGate and Fraudclosure scandals.  Notwithstanding, please understand, when this begins to take hold in the national media, it will prove embarrassing to you.

I urge you to encourage Leah Krier to cease and desist in her felonious activities, as it certainly reflects poorly on your airlines.  And please advise what changes, if any, were made in your internal control procedures in response to the theft of US Air beverage sales by Air Wisconsin flight attendants, which Leah Krier was an active participant in.


Spencer C. Young

More Grand Larceny by Leah Krier, Facilitated by Yet Another Corrupt Judge (David Q. LaBarre)

Leah Krier has struck again with a brazen grand larceny of ransacking Spencer Young's belongings at a UHaul Storage facility in Durham, NC.  In this criminal act,  . . .

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