Monday, July 2, 2012

The CRIMINAL INDICTMENT Filed Against NC Judge David LaBarre, His Girlfriend (Leah Krier) & Others

Above Picture Shows Judge LaBarre with Leah Krier at a Romantic Dinner Together

This criminal indictment against corrupt Durham NC Judge David Q. LaBarre, Leah R. Krier, and others details FIVE SEPARATE FELONIES committed over a six-month period (3/2011-9/2011), which were principally orchestrated by Judge LaBarre, and executed by his girlfriend at the time, Leah R. Krier.

This indictment provides painstaking detail of MULTIPLE FELONIES that would be readily prosecuted under normal circumstances; however a corrupt judge influenced by a Morgan Stanley operative in a corrupt North Carolina county (Durham) are factors in the delays.

This indictment was filed by Spencer C. Young (via email) with Captain Ray Taylor of the  Durham Police Dept. and the U.S. Dept. of Justice on 7/2/12 and 7/3/12. respectively.

While each page of this indictment is reproduced below, it may be difficult to read for some, so the PDF file of this document can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

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