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Central Access Point for Evidence of Criminal Acts & Ethics Violations of Corrupt Kansas Judge Ron L. Svaty

This post serves as the CENTRAL ACCESS POINT (or "The HUB") to evidence of CRIMINAL, CIVIL and ETHICAL WRONGDOING by Ron L. Svaty, a CORRUPT ROGUE JUDGE in rural Ellsworth County Kansas, who has orchestrated a malicious and diabolical PATERNITY FRAUD with which he has harassed Spencer C. Young.  And he has brazenly proceeded, despite knowing he has absolutely no jurisdictional authority.with ANY of the parties in this nonsensical canard.

Note:  Access to the overwhelming evidence of Svaty's Fraud is reflected in Section 6 below.


This post has SIX sections, addressing the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY & HOW to the criminal wrongdoing of a wayward judge in rural Kansas . . . Ron L. Svaty. They are presented in the following order:
  1. WHY Svaty Entered The Picture
  2. WHO Else Is Involved
  3. WHERE This Fraud Took Place
  4. WHEN This Charade Began
  5. WHAT Svaty's Insidious Plan Is
  6. HOW To Access The Evidence

Collectively these sections make it abundantly clear IMMEDIATE action must be taken by "the powers that be" (e.g., law enforcement, political leadership, judicial oversight) to STOP THIS MONSTER who stubbornly refuses to accept he has been EXPOSED AS A CROOKED JUDGE and fails to recognize "THE JIG IS UP".

Section 1:  WHY Svaty Entered The Picture

Mr. Svaty's reprehensible abuse of authority is intended to help in the orchestrated Cover-Up of extensive criminal wrongdoing sponsored by Morgan Stanley, which spans many state lines (e.g., New York, North Carolina and Florida), and include other forms of Fraud, Racketeering, Extortion, Sabotage, Corruption and Assassination

This association with a scandal of prodigious scope and magnitude will become obvious once thorough investigations by requisite state and federal law enforcement are completed.  Importantly, these investigations will also reveal WHY Mr. Svaty has been so persistent in perpetuating this absurd FRAUD and willing to put his career, livelihood, and liberty at substantial risk.

Svaty plays an important role in the Cover-Up of MorganStanleyGate in that: his canard of paternity fraud diverts attention from the many crimes perpetrated against Mr. Young in the state of North Carolina, which were so extensive, an entire website is dedicated to exposing its many elements -- to wit  This website name is actually an acronym for the many elements of wrongdoing perpetrated in North Carolina (depicted in the below image),  including  "the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history").  The state of North Carolina has deep-rooted ties to Morgan Stanley, especially ifs CEO at the time of the crimes, John. Mack, who was born, raised and educated in North Carolina, and his close personal friend Erskine Bowles, who remains a member of Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors.

Section 2:  WHO Else Is Involved

Notwithstanding the aforesaid, extensive investigations need not be conducted to see Mr. Svaty's CRIMINAL wrongdoing, in fact the evidence is OBVIOUS and COMPELLING in the below hyperlinks for anyone who bothers to look. 

As a result of being "outed",Mr. Svaty has desperately tried to cover-up his wrongdoing with a vicious aggressiveness and unwavering persistence, with the hope his ABSOLUTELY BOGUS findings of fact, orders and decrees are perceived as legitimate simply because they were issued under the "Color of Law", and utilized convenient "pawns", portrayed as the defenseless victims, when NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  As a result, Mr. Svaty has been named in a Federal "Color of Law" Indictment filed with the FBI.

The pawns are: (1) a 40 year-old woman, Leah R. Krier,and (2) her now 6-year-old son, Jackson Krier, who have lived in North Carolina since her son's birth.  Ms. Krier had earlier duped Mr. Young into thinking he was the biological father to Jackson, until overwhelming evidence suggested otherwise.  And since Ms. Krier's extensive promiscuity was self-evident, she remains uncertain as to who Jackson's real father is -- importantly, this is why she has long refused to provide buccal samples (entailing a simple swab from inside the mouth) for DNA testing.

Also involved in the cover-up of Svaty's Paternity Fraud are other Kansas Public officials who have knowingly conspired with him in this malicious assault (specifically, Phyllis GilmoreBob CorkinsRenee Schremer and Chris Kellogg), who have each been indicted in a Federal "Color of Law" Complaint

Section 3:  WHERE This Fraud Took Place

Svaty's kangaroo court hearings in rural Kansas were held over 1,000 miles away from the "home states"  and residences of the parties in this paternity fraud (Leah and her son have been residents of North Carolina since Jackson's birth, and Mr. Young has resided in Florida since 2010, after his victimization in "the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history".   

Svaty has been harassing Spencer C. Young on an OBVIOUS paternity fraud without any DNA testing, which he personally orchestrated KNOWING he had NO JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY whatsoever. 

Section 4:  WHEN This Charade Began

Svaty held his hastily scheduled BOGUS hearing in the Spring of 2011, which he knowingly proceeded with on the day of the funeral of Mr. Young's wife of 24 years !   Are you yet unconvinced Svaty is a MONSTER?  If so, the remaining two sections will remove all doubt.

Section 5:  WHAT Svaty's Insidious Plan Is

Svaty's plan is to deprive Mr. Young of his remaining financial resources, which he has needed to support and care for his 88-year-old mother.  He then plans to arrest Mr. Young for failing to make the 100% FRAUDULENT Paternity Claims, and then arrange an "accident" while incarcerated.  To this end, Svaty UNLAWFULLY garnished Mr. Young's bank account for a BOGUS $15,000 PATERNITY CLAIM, and thus rendering Mr. Young unable to pay his bills and support his 88 year-old mother.

What is especially outlandish is that he is also trying to cover-up the FIVE separate FELONIES of GRAND LARCENY perpetrated by Leah Krier and YET ANOTHER CROOKED JUDGE, David Q. LaBarre of Durham, North Carolina.  In their thefts, Ms. Krier made off with over $200,000 of Mr. Young's personal belongings that were involuntarily placed in storage after his victimization in the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history

So even though Ms. Krier (and David LaBarre) stole over $200,000 of Mr. Young's personal property (including valuable paintings by Monet and Dali, and a Mercedes Benz), Svaty is harassing him for $15,000. 

WHAT THIS MEANS IS THIS:  So in the event the Paternity claim was legitimate and Svaty had jurisdiction (NONE are true), Mr. Young has effectively prepaid this obligation more than 13 times over !

 You just can't make this stuff up, folks . . . but it does underscore the seriousness of this matter.

Section 6:  HOW To Access The Evidence

Reflected below are a list of website posts, revealing the overwhelming evidence of Mr. Svaty's criminal wrongdoing, which he has repugnantly executed under the FALSE guise of the "Color of Law".  This section will be dynamic in that further evidence of Svaty's crimes will likely be added as he becomes increasingly desperate to cover them up.  

It should be noted the earlier posts were issued before it became clear that Ms. Krier had duped Mr. Young into thinking he was the biological father to Jackson, that is until overwhelming evidence suggested otherwise. most notably her refusal to submit to DNA testing.

The evidence is accessible through the hyperlinks listed below, which are presented in reverse chronological order:  These will be continuously updated, so the more recent posts will be dated after the date of this omnibus posting

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