Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Quest to Remove and Disbar Corrupt Judge Ron Svaty

The below email was submitted in further support of disbarring Judge Ron Svaty.  Carol Green, the chief administrator handling such matters for the operative self-policing Commission for the Kansas Judicial Branch confirmed receipt in advance of the hearing the following day to re-visit the complaint filed.

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From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: judicialqual <>
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Sent: Thu, Jul 7, 2011 1:34 pm
Subject: Supplement to Complaints Against District Court Judge Ron Svaty of Ellsworth County, Kansas and Jane Isern of Great Bend, KS

Note:  The below narrative is similarly reproduced in the attached as a pdf file, and shall also serve as a supplement to the complaint filed against Jane Isern, as she colluded with Judge Svaty in this matter, which is now garnering widespread attention.
Date:     July 7, 2011
To:         Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications (via email)
Re:         Disbarment & Removal of Judge Ron Svaty of Ellsworth County, Kansas
It is important to understand my resolve to permanently remove Judge Ron Svaty of Ellsworth County, Kansas (hereinafter “DisHon. Svaty”) from “the bench” within the Kansas Judicial Branch (“KJB”) and disbar him from practicing law altogether, as well as resolve the two scandals his atrocious behavior is linked with.
As evidenced by my submitted complaint (click here for access), DisHon. Svaty is woefully corrupt, and represents a clear and present danger to society, such that the public must be protected from this monster.  Accordingly, I am calling for a thorough investigation into DisHon. Svaty’s improprieties, and request his cases be reassigned to other judges, pending the result of this investigation . . .  for he is THAT dangerous.
A properly administered investigation will reveal DisHon. Svaty accepts bartered compensation to render decisions that undermine the integrity of the KJB system of justice and convey a disdain for the rights of others to legal due process – and the matter at hand is just one glaring example.
There has already been one attempt to dismiss my complaint without investigation (click here for my response), which in and of itself suggests a disturbing level of corruption may exist within the KJB generally, and the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications (“Commission”), specifically – this being the case because the evidence is so overwhelmingly stacked against DisHon. Svaty.  
Accordingly, this demand for an investigation is back on the Commission’s agenda for tomorrow (July 8).
Monitoring This Matter
Moreover, among others, I have reported this to the U.S. Justice Department and the Obama Administration, and have notified 46 national and regional news organizations to monitor this matter, especially since it has ties to the cover-up of two major scandals: MorganStanleyGate; and Fraudclosure, which my family has been tragically impacted by . . . and I intend to rectify with the TRUTH, once and for all.
Subsequent Events
Of recent, there have been a series of national TV broadcasts and numerous articles featuring my three adult sons, as well as my wife of 24 years (Maria), who was effectively tortured and murdered in the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  These not only underscore the breadth and gravitas of this matter, they have established a vantage point for millions of others to now take an interest in it.  And this will assuredly prevent this matter from being swept under the rug.
As you evaluate this damning indictment of the reprehensible DisHon. Svaty, I would like to indulge you to view a few short YouTube videos (listed below with appropriate hyper-links), and ask yourselves this question:  Should the father who raised three such highly respected and successful adult sons (to wit, Michael, Kevin & Ryan Young) be denied due process and all parental rights to his 3-year-old son, Jackson by a judge with absolutely no jurisdictional authority whatsoever?  Your answer will no doubt lead you to conclude the DisHon. Svaty MUST be removed from the bench and forever disbarred from practicing law.
YouTube Videos
Please consider the below YouTube Videos as a supplement to the subject complaint against DisHon. Svaty:
Respectfully submitted,

Spencer C. Young
P.S.:  For the time being, I have held off prosecuting criminal grand larceny charges against Jackson’s mother (Leah Krier), as she is similarly a victim in these scandals.

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