Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Wall St = MorganStanleyGate = Disbarment of Judge Ron L. Svaty

 To Select Members and Staff at:  The White House, US Justice Dept., Activists Against Corruption, Constitutional Rights Groups, Senior Government Leaders of Kansas, Senior Staff at the Top 15 Law Schools, All faculty members of Stanford Law School, Morgan Stanley Board of Directors, Management Committee of Kirkland & Ellis . . . and other interested parties (Initial count on this transmittal = 2,597)

As previously reported (click here to access), the corrupt acts of soon-to-be-ex-judge Ron L. Svaty are DIRECTLY linked to the Occupy Wall Street Movement (“OWS”).  Here’s how:
  • OWS is a GLOBAL movement and protests by 99% of humanity against the 1% who have relied upon kakistocracy to oppress the masses by surreptitiously creating an uneven playing field and taking away their rights over time, and the disbarment of Ron L. Svaty is an example of this.
  • In exchange for a bartered favor arranged through Kirkland & Ellis (Morgan Stanley’s long time corruption partner in crime), Svaty presided over a bogus hearing with no jurisdictional  authority whatsoever  at a venue and time he knew I could not possibly attend nor have representation for
  • Morgan Stanley arranged this as an act of retaliation in response to my continued pursuit of exposing the  MorganStanelyGate scandal, the extent of which could end its days as a going concern
  • At this entirely FRAUDULENT hearing, with no jurisdictional authority, Svaty took away my YOUNGEST OF FOUR SONS (below) based on 100% concocted LIES, which are plainly OBVIOUS, if just ONE person tasked to protect core American rights would bother to LOOK  . . .  and there are 16 on the Kansas Commission of Judicial Qualifications alone – unfortunately, this group has been heretofore trying to sweep this matter under the rug for months . . . and WE the people will NOT allow that !!

Svaty wants to deprive this little boy of a father who loves him dearly
  • Svaty then assessed a fictitious child support obligation, which in the event paternity exists (Svaty disregarded numerous requests and obvious necessity for DNA testing), it has already been FULLY PREPAID through adulthood

Now I want to show you a comparative chart which stacks up the accomplishments of MY THREE ADULT SONS against Ron Svaty’s only offspring, an ADULT DAUGHTER, Rebecca.  Based on Mr. Svaty’s wayward decision and deductive reasoning, he OBVIOUSLY should have never been allowed to raise his own daughter.

While I do not enjoy publicly exposing the lack of accomplishment by his daughter in this manner, the embarrassment pales to pain and suffering her father has WRONGFULLY caused to me and my loved ones . . . as well as the countless others this monstrously corrupt judge has oppressed in the name of greed.   He has made a mockery of the US Constitution and he MUST go !!!

Now click here to view the below video about my adult sons, which was nationally broadcast to millions throughout this past spring.  And know that I’m sparing you the horrors they have had to confront as a result of the MorganStanleyGate scandal, which has now gone on for NINE years!
The time has come to not only take back our country . . . but take back our world . . . for humanity’s sake, and to that end, let’s do the math: 

What is 99% of 7 Billion?

Big changes are a comin’ and it’s time we make an example of a woefully corrupt Judge from America’s Heartland . . . RURAL Kansas.  Because doing so will eventually lead us to the doorsteps of the “bigger fish” responsible for the current mess we the 99% find ourselves in.
The official process of removing and disbarring Judge Ron L. Svaty begins ONE WEEK from TODAY.

Respectfully submitted,

Spencer C. Young

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