Friday, May 20, 2011

I Want My Family, Life, Livelihood and Reputation Back

It is important for Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors (and frankly the rest of the world) to understand what Morgan Stanley has done, and what I want . . . plain and simple. 
I am sick and tired of having my loved ones suffer from an audacious fraud by esurient bombastic liars.  And I want it known that I will no longer tolerate the indignities and disrespect I have thus been shown as a result.  
The below transmittal was issued by email today.

Spencer C. Young
Date: May 20, 2011
To: Morgan Stanley Board of Directors
Cc: The News Media, US Justice Dept, The FBI & The White House
Subject: I Want My Family, Life, Livelihood and Reputation Back
By now, you very well know who I am – but if your memory fails you, click here.
This Sunday, I invite you to watch my twin sons Ryan and Kevin Young play in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Quarter-final playoffs on national TV. It is being broadcast on ESPNU from Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots.
The Color Purple
I ask you to look at the University of Maryland coaching staff on the sidelines, who will be wearing purple shirts even though this is NOT part of the school’s colors. And If the camera zooms in on the left side of Ryan’s helmet (which they often do), you’ll see the inscription “Mom” on it. The pre-game warm-ups will feature ALL of the players wearing purple shirts with “Forever Young” and “MY” on the back, as shown below. These manifestations are attributable to Morgan Stanley. How so?
The purple shirts are worn in memory of Maria Young who died Apr. 17, 2011 of pancreatic cancer.
MorganStanleyGate’s Impact
As you know, the scandal known as MorganStanleyGate, which began on November 20, 2002, systematically destroyed my sons’ lives by: (1) kicking them out of the only home they knew; (2) ending their parent’s marriage of 24 years; (3) bringing utter dysfunction to their once close and loving family (click here for glaring evidence of it in my son Ryan’s Bio hint: it’s in the “Personal” section at the very bottom); and (4) effectively torturing and eventually murdering their mother Maria Young (“MY”), who was the mother of their older brother Michael, who also played lacrosse for Duke and graduated in 2008.
Opportunity Lost
Current Chairman and former CEO John Mack had an opportunity to quickly and amicably resolve this matter in 2005. But he chose to endorse the fraud and step up the cover-up efforts from its beginnings in New York to its eventual migration to North Carolina, relying on his influential thugs in his home state (known as the “Mack Mafia”), which has cultivated perhaps the most corrupt region in the United States.
And perhaps as poetic justice, those responsible for the initial employment fraud that began MorganStanleyGate, eventually caused over $10 billion in sub-prime mortgage trading losses, have since been fired, but not until they had effectively brought Morgan Stanley to its knees, and ended its existence as an investment bank.
The Bottom Line
Instead of rewarding me for a job well-done for creating the valuable IQ® franchise, others took credit for it, and then engaged the vast resources of Morgan Stanley and their attorneys, Kirkland & Ellis to:
Ø Obstruct justice and deny all rights to legal due process;
Ø Discredit my mounting claims; and eventually attempt to Assassinate me through a fraudulent foreclosure eviction on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL.

What I Want
I want restitution from Morgan Stanley for the net worth stolen, and admission of the fraud perpetrated by their former employees, and a cessation of all efforts by its many operatives to assassinate my character . . . or person.
This nightmare has gone on long enough. I want my family, life, livelihood and reputation back, so that I may finally regain my inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . . . and perhaps then Maria will rest in peace.
           Spencer C. Young

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