Monday, May 9, 2011

Carolina Liar . . .

. . . is the name of a talented band, whose lead singer harkens from South Carolina.  It is also an apt description for an overwhelming majority of residents in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.  Why this is the case is a mystery to many, but certainly anyone who relocates or spends any meaningful amount of time here picks up on this astonishing phenomenon.  And since lying is an important element in corruption, this also explains why this may very well be the most corrupt region in the United States.

Numerous bombastic lies about Spencer C. Young appeared in over 60 false and personally disparaging articles by principally four local newspapers as part of a malicious smear campaign developed by Burson-Marsteller and surreptitiously sponsored by Morgan Stanley and Kirkland & Ellis.   If interested, each of the articles, along with a detailed analysis measured pursuant to a Manure Meter (shown below), is accessible by clicking here.

The culpable newspapers are:

Here is a sampling of just some of the outlandish lies . . . along with the associated truth.
 The Published Lie
 The Truth          
This was a dispute between private parties, and nobody's business but theirs. 
 False.  This was a violation of a local ordinance [i.e. special use permit ("SUP")], which the Town of Chapel Hill failed to enforce
P.H. Craig owns most of the parking spaces to The Courtyard of Chapel Hill ("TCoCH")
 False.  The land was fully-encumbered by the SUP, which stated it to be solely for use by patrons of The Courtyard of Chapel Hill.    
Spencer Young and PH Craig have been locked in a contract dispute over parking for 18 months (as of Aug. 2007)
 False.  Mr. Craig refused to enter into ANY agreement at ANY terms, as documented by Womble Carlyle to Mr. Craig's attorney
The Orange County Commissioners tried to help by leasing their parking lot to Mr. Young.
 False.  This was a canard to make it APPEAR local government was trying to help, but six months of weekend night parking was useless
The Town of Chapel Hill helped out by bagging 35 metered spaces for the exclusive use of TCoCH employees
 False.  Also a canard -- offering TEMPORARY spaces was NOT a solution. The Town was obligated to enforce the SUP, but didn't
Leases at TCoCH expressly promised parking, and Mr. Young failed to live up to that promise 
 False.  Not ONE lease at TCoCH promised ANY parking due to the long cantankerous history with P.H. Craig
Mr. Young won't pay rent for the parking spaces and Mr. Craig won't sell the spaces 
 False.  Mr. Young made MANY leasing proposals that Mr Craig agreed to, but later reneged on, as documented by Womble Carlyle
TCoCH was out of compliance with the Town's minimum parking requirements 
 False.  The Town of Chapel Hill rescinded minimum parking standards long before Mr. Craig set up the illegal parking lot blockade
The Downtown Partnership tried to help by footing the bill for mediation
 False.  A canard: $250 for mediator paled to the $thousands paid to Mr. Young's attorneys, while Mr. Craig would agree to NOTHING 
 Lex Alexander closed his 3 Cups Coffee Shop
 False.  Lex Alexander and his 3 Cups business were evicted for non-payment of rent -- all claims against Mr. Young were dismissed
 Spencer Young drove Lex Alexander/3 Cups out of its downtown location
 False.  Lex Alexander/3 Cups drove themselves out by wrongfully withholding rent, and were evicted for non-payment of rent
 Lawsuits in excess of $3 million are mounting against Spencer Young and his Chapel Hill property.
 False.  Lawsuits predicated on an orchestrated fraud, are exactly that . . . frauds -- had the Town enforced SUP, all would be fine 
 Spencer Young appeared late for a foreclosure hearing.
 False.  Mr. Young arrived early . . . it was his attorney, Michael Denning of Shanahan Law Group who was late.
 (As of Sept 2007) Wachovia has not received a payment since February
 False. Mr. Young tendered in May to bring loan current, but Wachovia rejected, he also paid Aug.for forbearance, but Wachovia reneged
 Former owner of TCoCH, Spencer Young went bankrupt
 False. Spencer Young has NEVER filed for bankruptcy, but he was UNLAWFULLY denied corporate bankruptcy protection for TCoCH  
 A consignment shop tenant , "The Stock Exchange" moved out due to a sewer leak
 False. Sewer lines were sabotaged with obstructive materials to cause backups, but this tenant remains liable for rent as per the lease 
 Spencer Young often feuded with his tenants
 False. ALL adverse events were linked with the illegal blockade & Lex Alexander/3 Cups was the ONLY tenant who made an issue of it
 TCoCH was a great spot in Chapel Hill, but Mr. Young's ownership & temperament made it an eyesore
 False. TCoCH was a tired property, and vast improvements were made & top tenants (e.g., Bonne Soiree) came -- but sabotage started 7/07 
 Paragon Bank foreclosed on Spencer Young's home in Chapel Hill
 False.  A bank can NOT foreclose on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent and PAID-IN-FULL . . . this was foreclosure FRAUD
 Spencer Young was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement officers
 False.  Mr. Young was denied inalienable rights to life, liberty & happiness; showing no resistance, he was tasered; bogus charges were dropped 
 The Orange County Sheriff was told Spencer Young had a gun
 False.  Spencer Young has NEVER owned a gun, and this statement was concocted so they could carry out a planned assassination
 Spencer Young refused to follow Deputies' instructions so he had to be tasered.
 False.  Mr. Young showed no resistance & they couldn't shoot him (he had CNN & ABC on the line), so they tasered trying to cause asystole
 Magistrate was concerned about Mr. Young's mental stability so he sent to UNC Psychiatric ward 
 False.  This was concocted in the EXACT manner depicted in the movie, Changling, starring Angelina Jolie
 Spencer Young sent threatening emails to Mayor Kevin Foy.
 False.  This is a bombastic lie, and The Daily Tar Heel will be called to task on this (you can't fabricate an email) and faces libel claims

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