Thursday, March 3, 2011

Request for Assistance From Friends and Relatives of Leah R. Krier

This request is made to friends and relatives of my fiancée(a) Leah Krier, because she and I, together with our son, Jackson Spencer Young, need your help from the after-effects of yet another manifestation of MorganStanleyGate -- in this case, it was a fraudulent foreclosure carried out by Paragon Commercial Bank at the behest of Morgan Stanley.

Our Victimization

Leah, Jackson and I were victims of a fraudulent foreclosure on a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT delinquent, and it was PAID-IN-FULL as of the day we were forcibly evicted by a SWAT team of over a dozen emotionally frenzied cops – I kid you not. While there’s more to the story, suffice it to say I WILL correct this.

Why Turn To You?

The “help” sought is effectively saving Leah from herself. I say this because she has been so poisoned with misinformation, she has estranged herself and has kidnapped Jackson, whom I’ve not seen for 13 months.  And since she has devolved to doing things at this point that are unlawful, amoral and self-destructive, your “intervention” would be especially timely and appreciated.

So How Can You Help?

The help YOU can provide entails: (1) reading a “From The Heart” letter [click here to access] (2) viewing the 3 short YouTube videos (one is presented below, while the other two are accessible in the "From The Heart" letter); (3) ruminating on what you read and viewed; and (4) then decide for yourself whether you should counsel Leah concerning her behavior – especially in the context of being the mother of a 3 year old. If so, please urge her to heed the ten items at the end of the letter.

Final Thought
In closing, please know I have requested intervention by those who know Leah only as a measure of last resort, because 13 months of patience is long enough, and her pernicious actions toward me have been increasing and have been completely orchestrated by Morgan Stanley as part of their "Divide & Conquer" strategy in the cover-up of the  MorganStanleyGate scandal.   Thank you.


Spencer C. Young

(a) Leah will disagree, however this is true according to Kansas and North Carolina law – for as long as she holds onto the engagement ring, and defies my instructions to sell it and use the proceeds for Jackson’s needs, she is expressing her intent to marry me.

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