Saturday, October 15, 2011

Earlier Efforts to Contact Michael Moore Oddly Unsuccessful

As there are many elements to MorganStanleyGate, the events currently unfolding will be reported in this blog along with past events.  This is done in order to provide context and document the scope and magnitude of this scandal, including events and occurrences that are perplexing, iconoclastic or otherwise defy conventional wisdom. 

The below Facebook message was sent to activist documentary film-maker Michael Moore on April 13, 2009, in response to his clarion call for people with firsthand information on the inner workings of Wall Street, for inclusion in his upcoming documentary  Capitalism: A Love Story.

As noted in my message, I had made frequent attempts to contact him, and I received no response whatsoever .  .  .  not from him nor anyone on his staff.  In the context of my background, my messages to him, what he was looking for, and his past documentaries, it appears my messages never made it to him. 

And yet he was one of many celebrity activists who have been heretofore non-responsive, even after follow-up calls were placed to their administrative staff.

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