Sunday, September 9, 2012

Incompetent And Nefariously Directed Public Defender, Jonathan Duncan Dismissed From Case

As Spencer C. Young was effectively denied legal representation, he filed numerous motions in the 6th Circuit Court of Pinellas County (FL) on his own behalf (i.e., "pro se") in an unwavering effort to secure freedom from his UNLAWFUL arrest and incarceration in MAXIMUM SECURITY JAIL on an entirely FABRICATED charge, after being subjected to FIVE episodes of GRAND LARCENY perpetrated by a profoundly corrupt and unethical North Carolina Judge (David Q. LaBarre) and LaBarre's girlfriend (Leah R. Krier).

The motion to dismiss the demonstrably incompetent Pinellas County public defender assigned (Jonathan Duncan), was the ONLY motion granted throughout this nightmarish ordeal (due to the corruption-laden involvement of an exceptionally dangerous judge (Thomas McGrady) -- This motion is reproduced below and is handwritten because this was the only form of communication allowed Mr. Young during the insidious 127-day incarceration he was maliciously subjected to.

Glaring Display of Incompetence

In a relatively short period of time, Mr. Duncan managed to manifest TWENTY-NINE compelling reasons to remove him as representative legal counsel through glaring errors in judgment, the deliberate withholding of information and in failing to undertake prudent action in response to Mr. Young's unlawful incarceration.  These are detailed in the motion, but warrants summarized delineation:

  1. Failed to provide pre-trial materials
  2. Tried to circumvent a trial-by-jury
  3. Appeared cognitively challenged
  4. Exhibited a troubling level of incompetence
  5. Pre-trial work was lacking
  6. Actions supported a fraudulent extradition
  7. Sixth Amendment rights were being violated
  8. Inability to provide adequate legal assistance
  9. Exhibited legal incompetence
  10. Failed to conduct legal research
  11. Failed to procure protection from violent inmates
  12. Failed to follow up on Criminal Indictment against David Q. LaBarre
  13. Failed to contact the Durham Police and Dept of Justice on LaBarre's Indictment
  14. Failed to obtain a copy of LaBarre's indictment, as directed
  15. Failed to subpoena copies of emails sent containing LaBarre's Indictment
  16. Failed to provide copies of requested documents relevant for securing freedom
  17. Failed to contact the ACLU to request their involvement, as directed
  18. Failed to contact the Amnesty International to request involvement, as directed
  19. Failed to contact the Southern Defense League to request involvement, as directed
  20. Took no action to ensure LaBarre's Indictment was prosecuted
  21. Made no effort to contact Durham DA to prosecute indictment of LaBarre, as directed
  22. Made no effort to contact NC Attorney General to prosecute indictment of LaBarre, as directed
  23. Nonresponsive to requests to review and comment on the false charges
  24. Nonresponsive to the unlawful ransacking of Mr. Young's residence and theft of computers
  25. Nonresponsive to many requests to file motion to set bail
  26. Failed to run a search of all (obviously false) charges against Mr. Young
  27. To no actions whatsoever, nor suggested alternative means of getting the bogus charges against Mr. Young dismissed
  28. Took no actions to protect the well-being, rights and liberty of Mr. Young
  29. Failed to value, nor understand the importance of an innocent man's freedom

Eventually, it became clear Mr. Duncan was party to a malicious scheme to effectively "do nothing" so that Mr. Young's civil rights would be thoroughly trampled upon in this outrageous canard executed in Pinellas County Florida, the purpose of which was to facilitate an FRAUDULENT extradition to North Carolina on entirely fabricated charges intended to cover up the felonies of NC Judge David Q. LaBarre.

Moreover, it became clear Mr. Duncan was acting pursuant to the instructions of his superiors, most notably Pinellas County (FL) Chief Public Defender, Bob Dillinger and Mr. Duncan's immediate supervisor, Jane McNeill, who later played an key role in facilitating the fraudulent extradition.

The chronology of events is rather damning to all involved in this insidious assault on American Civil Liberties.  The below motion was granted on 08/23/12.

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