Monday, March 11, 2013

Twitter Mysteriously Blocking Posts To Social Networking Communities

Efforts to COVER-UP what are now THREE LINKED SCANDALS continue to be stepped up, reflecting a remarkable sense of desperation by those who wish to sweep these matters under the rug. 

Linked Scandals
These scandals (in reverse chronological order) are:
  1. The LaBarre Larceny Scandal -- A series of thefts perpetrated by a sitting Durham, NC judge (David Q. LaBarre) and his girlfriend (Leah R. Krier) over a six-month period, including a Mercedes Benz, jewelry and household furnishings from rented storage facilities, where they were involuntarily placed after . . .
  2. The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History -- The economic destabilization of $22 million in commercial and residential real estate properties in North Carolina and New York, executed through fraud, corruption, and extensive commercial sabotage, followed by fabricated declarations of monetary defaults and uncontested foreclosures resulting from unlawful denial of legal representation, the purpose of which was to deplete financial resources necessary to expose the full extent of the . . .
  3. MorganStanleyGate Scandal -- What began as a Wall Street employment fraud instigated by colleagues responsible for the Sub-Prime Mortgage debacle which triggered "America's Great Recession", has transmogrified into a scandal of epic proportion involving among other things fraud, racketeering, extortion, sabotage, corruption and assassinations.
       LaBarre Larceny                        Foreclosure Fraud                        MorganStanleyGate

Twitter's Involvement
Most recently, those involved in this COVER-UP have influenced wayward others at to indiscriminately block ALL "tweets"  by @SpencerCYoung.  This was accomplished by secretly intercepting tweets which include "hashtag feeds", which are efficient social-networking mechanisms for the instantaneous dissemination of announcements to typically large groups of like-minded Twitter communities -- for instance, those interested in rooting out all forms of corruption track posted tweets appearing at the #CORRUPTION social networking community.

Here's What Happened

1)  Blog Post -- Published  "When You Look In The Mirror" on Spencer C. Young's "" website

2)  Tweet Issued -- Announcement of this Blog Post was issued, concurrently sending it to five Twitter hashtag communities, including #INSPIRATION, (this particular social networking community is interested in postings that are inspirational in nature).
Tweet Issued to FIVE Twitter Social Networks
3)  Tweet Intercepted -- The above Blog Post was mysteriously missing from the hashtag feed to the #INSPIRATION social network and four other Twitter "communities".
The "Tweet" In Item 2) Should Have Shown Up Between The Two  Tweets Above
4)  Uneventful Past -- The @SpencerCYoung Twitter account was established over five years ago and over 600 "tweets" had been issued with no problems and ALL prior hashtag feeds were ALWAYS timely posted in the respective twitter social communities.

5)  Account Standing -- An investigation into whether the @SpencerCYoung Twitter account was in "good standing" was confirmed
Spencer C. Young's Twitter Account Confirmed To Be In Good Standing

6) No Other Reasons -- An investigation into why Mr. Young's tweets were being mysteriously blocked yielded no other plausible reasons (see below), and Twitter tech support has been non-responsive.
Twitter Tech Support Notified Of Problem, But UNRESPONSIVE

Could these inexplicable events be coincidental and merely a paranoia-induced misperception?  Answer:  NFW

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