Sunday, March 30, 2014

Victim # 35 in Potwin, KS Farmhouse Cyber-Attacks Comes Forward

Aerial View of Mysterious Kansas Farmhouse Serving As Hub For Cyber-Attack

Numerous people have voluntarily contacted Spencer C. Young, indicating: (1) their social website or email account had been hacked; (2) their identity was stolen; (3) they were the victim of electronic harassment; or (4) were subjected to other forms of cyber-crimes . . . ALL of which emanated from the SAME IP (Internet Protocol) ADDRESS, which was then traced to the SAME PHYSICAL LOCATION of a rural farmhouse in Potwin, Kansas, which appears to have various addresses, such as:
  1. 8652 NW 120th St.,  Potwin, KS 67123
  2. 8653 NW 120th St.,  Potwin, KS 67123
  3. 8689 County Road 576, Potwin, KS  67123
  4. 8635 NW 120th St., Potwin, KS 67123  
The property is owned by Joyce M. Taylor, who in turn has made arrangements in advance to transfer title to this property jointly to Fred Whitmore and Mary Ann Mercado upon her passing.

Below is another instance of notification -- in fact, the THIRTY-FIFTH  KNOWN VICTIM . . . and there are obviously MANY more.

Note:  Additional information received AFTER the initial posting (in this case, after March 30, 2014) is updated herein and shown below in reverse-chronological order.

-----Original Message-----
From: Robbie Bell <>
To: spencercyoung <>
Sent: Thu, Jun 5, 2014 4:54 pm
Subject: Additional information

To: Spencer C. Young

I am having a terrible time right now. #3 cell phone hacked. This is going on in my neighborhood. I just discovered i.p. addresses are connecting to my facebook page from Brooklyn, New York. This address I previously mentioned in my initial report to you is connected to Potwin, Kansas. When I block these I.P. addresses, I cannot log on to Facebook. Evidently I have been hacked there too. No changing of passwords will help me here. I contacted FB via email today. Not sure what they can do. I have contacted N.Y. FBI, George Venizelos' office and spoke to his assistant. Not much help there either.

I have spoken to my community officer with no help. Very difficult to get in touch with him as well.
Do you have any advise for me? "Their" infiltrating into my workplaces, slandering and defaming me, stalking me on foot and by car everywhere I go. Every new place I go for interviews, I'm stalked there. What seems to be a successful interview with hire, is suddenly changed to no opportunity for employment.

There is definitely something wrong here.

-----Original Message-----
From: Robbie Bell <>
To: Spencer C. Young <>
Sent: Wed, Jun 4, 2014 3:36 pm
Subject: RE: FBI “Color of Law” Complaint & Indictments of Criminal Charges

Dear Spencer:

Congratulations [in filing the criminal indictment] and thank you so much. My firewall log presently shows a dial-up connection of which leads to Potwin, Kansas at the address stated in this report, showing the geolocation of this "farm". It is attempting to get into my computer, second after second. Multiple, constant hits. Still bad emails.

I want these people punished for the distress and destruction of all the victims.

God bless you!

Robbie Bell
-----Original Message-----
From: "Robbie" <>
Date: March 30, 2014 at 1:34:04 PM EDT
To: "Spencer C Young" <>
Subject: Re: Not just emails from "the farm house".
To” Spencer C. Young
From Robbie
I very much appreciate what you are doing for me. Thank you so much. God bless you.
Robbie C.
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:00 PM
To: Robbie
Subject: Re: Not just emails from "the farm house".
Sorry to hear of your tribulations. I will add you to the list of complainants and forward to the FBI for investigation as well as apprise you of civil actions being undertaken for your consideration.

On Mar 27, 2014, at 9:45 PM, "Robbie" <> wrote:
Upon moving away from my “co tenant” marital home in Laguna Niguel, CA, I bought a REO home cash (JP Morgan Chase), and planned to start a new life from my narcissistic sociopath ex-husband. Unfortunately, nothing but bad things have been happening to me since. I first applied with a national nursing registry to acclimate myself to the L.A. County area. (I’m an R.N.). I was hired, but received quid quo pro sexual harassment from my boss with late night phone calls, texts, and banging on my door at 10 p.m. at night. I reported it to HR and sent them the texts. They minimized it. I quit and found other employment, only to be called by my perpetrator during the hiring process of visiting the hospital for testing and the HR dept for processing paperwork and overall testing three separate times. I felt I was being stalked. I hired an employment attorney and wanted a restraining order. I had excellent documentation and evidence on my cell phone with texts and phone calls. I took photos of the texts and phone calls for “back-up”. Glad I did, as my cell phone’s SIM card was wiped clean. My attorney wrote a letter of complaint to the registry legal department that was twisted, mixed-up and untrue. I don’t know how my attorney could have accidently done this, and I don’t believe today that it was an accident.  Meanwhile at my new place of employment, I was treated very badly. I was bullied, sabotaged, and worked in a very hostile environment. I had to quit for my health. My next work was through a nursing registry where I was employed at a city police department. I later found out that my sexually harassing perpetrator infiltrated into this job by way of the Head Nurse in the department, stating “______brought you up to me, I know him”. She wouldn’t tell me any more info and yelled, “shut-up!” to me. I was bewildered. It didn’t stop there. There were some detention officers that gave me a bad time. I was knocked up against a counter while reviewing the doctors orders on patients I received by one of them, who walked away as if he did nothing, and another looked down and “leered” at me every time he walked by me. I later found out my perpetrator went out for drinks with some of these detention officers. I quit this job. I later discovered my new cell phone was hacked. The media player recorded my two-way conversations beginning April 2012 during the time I was working at the police department. Beginning January 2013, I had 8 attempted break-ins in my home. My alarm went off, and no one entered. I believe these were scare tactics. In April 2013, my BMW was vandalized by way of emptying the oil out of my car. The oil light was not on, and it broke down on the freeway. Later when I discovered my cell phone was hacked, it recorded that date and time I was on the shoulder of the freeway with my car breakdown.  My mechanic told me there were no leaks and asked if I had a recent oil change where they forgot to put oil back in my car, as there were no leaks in the system. The exterior of my home and property have been vandalized since July 2011. My trees, hedges, new fence, expensive patio umbrella, flowers, siding on house all vandalized. The police did a routine report only on some of these incidents. I then started another job at a hospital farther away from home. This is when I noticed I was being    stalked to work on the freeway from home and the 20 miles to the exit I took. The same thing later happened to me at this job. In the beginning, working at this job was a positive environment where people liked me. Approximately one month later, people at work started bullying me and sabotaging my work. The unit secretary yelled at me stating, “You’re mean to a lot of people!”. I calmly asked her who am I supposedly mean to? She told me she wasn’t going to talk to me about her friends. (By the way, I will boast that I am a good nurse, compassionate, respectful and hardworking for my patients). I have never been rude or disrespectful to anyone I’ve worked with. The environment became very hostile. I documented well and presented to H.R only to be discounted and falsely written-up (for the first time in my life). I found the “write-ups” to be odd, as it stated, “My behavior with the general public was inappropriate” among other false, defamatory statements. I was placed on probation, and subsequently terminated on a second write-up which was completely false in every statement. I was emotionally drained, depressed, confused and low in funds. Then the emails started coming to me. Several emails regarding auto repair coverage insurance, burial insurance,“don’t make your family pay your burial expenses”, life insurance, threats of defamation/slander, pedophile websites, prostitute websites. I had no viruses on my computer. I am still getting these emails, but their changing and relate to whatever I’m doing in the privacy of my own home, i.e. refinishing D.R. table, I’ll get an email about this. (too many for coincidental). All of these emails come from 8653 NW 120th Street, Potwin, KS 67213 with i.p. addresses of, I also noted the geolocation of a home in Buffalo, NY that appears to be linked with this “farmhouse”. Address: 124 Patton Pl; Buffalo, NY 14221, with residents of the name “Rozo”. One of the IP’s
At this point, no one seems to be interested in employing me. My plan was to make this home I bought beautiful and live here, but that is not going to happen the way things are going. I may have to leave the home semi-unfinished and move. I’m concerned that I’m falling into a similar situation such as yourself, but on a smaller scale. I am also concerned, regardless of having the proof, that I would sound crazy trying to explain this to anyone. My friend of 25 years has her doubts as well as my daughter. I won’t discuss this with my 23 y.o sons. They are for some reason distancing themselves from me, and I don’t understand this either, but their not saying anything to me. I find this very odd as well. I’m at a loss as what to do in this situation. Any advice or opinion you can give me is much appreciated. Thank you so much if you got to the end of this lengthy letter! God bless you and your family.

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