Friday, June 6, 2014

Disturbing, Suspicious & Intimidating Behavior By The Tampa FBI Office

Reflected below are emails sent to Tampa, Florida FBI Office pertaining to the 28-Count Criminal "Color of Law" Indictment of 35 Public Officials in the states of Florida, Kansas and North Carolina (and 15 complicit others), which was filed on May 30, 2014.

The conversation with, and behavior by, the Tampa FBI Duty Agent (i.e, the person who handles incoming tips and complaints) TODAY was bizarre and more akin to behavior expected from a KBG agent in response to a complaint from a criminally victimized American living in Moscow during the height of the Cold War.

The THREE emails below are presented in reverse-chronological order and memorialize the conversation and its context.  They suggest the FBI is INTENTIONALLY covering up the criminal activities associated with MorganStanleyGate by DELIBERATELY stonewalling ANY and ALL related investigations, and employing or otherwise supporting FRAUDULENT and UNLAWFUL intimidation tactics.  For instance  this wayward FBI Duty Agent bombastically suggested Mr. Young "threatened" the Judges included in the criminal indictment filed against them.  This alone is disturbing on so many levels.

As a precautionary measure, and in response to the veiled threats made by this UNIDENTIFIED and oddly bellicose Tampa FBI Duty Agent, this has ALSO been shared widely with National & Grass Roots News Media outlets, upstanding Government Reform Activist Organizations, and interested others.

----- EMail # 1 -----

From: Spencer C. Young <>
Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 8:53 PM
Subject: FBI “Color of Law” Complaint & Indictments of Criminal Charges - PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT

TO:  The FBI Office in Tampa

The Agent on Duty (“AOD”) [who would NOT identify himself] said he would call me in a half hour to indicate whether he received a RE-SENT Color of Law Indictment that was originally emailed on May 30 (and confirmed on MY end as having been received).   This is especially odd, as I have earlier spoken to the FBI agents on duty in various offices, who have willingly given their name (e.g. Kevin Ray Eaton in YOUR office).  Over an hour has passed, and I have received NO CALL.

Today’s Tampa FBI AOD projected a demeanor that was unjustifiably belligerent, clearly confrontational and seemingly intended to intimidate, and all I was looking for was a confirmation my May 30 email was received. Of note, he asked me if I was arrested.  I informed him it was a FALSE arrest on FABRICATED charges (and an attempt to intimidate and cover-up the OBVIOUS felonies of a judge and district attorney in North Carolina) that were later dismissed as meritless.  I told him this FALSE ARREST is JUST ONE of the 28 counts filed against the 35 public officials in the subject “Color of Law” indictment (see attached).

Today’s AOD also ODDLY asked if I have threatened any judges, which OF COURSE I would never do, and it appears this may be the next UNLAWFUL fraudulent attempt to silence me.  I find this OUTRAGEOUS and beyond disturbing.   The FBI is supposed to PROTECT U.S. citizens, NOT assault them with veiled threats of bogus charges to cover-up the criminal “Color of Law” wrongdoings of other public officials.

This is being sent from a different email account, as it appears my AOL account is being deliberately blocked by the FBI, which would support the allegation that Morgan Stanley has exerted UNLAWFUL influence on the FBI in an effort to cover-up its EXTENSIVE criminal activities, which is the subject of my book Cannibals In White Shoes, to be published on Sep. 29.  I ask the FBI to let’s its actions prove otherwise.

Please confirm receipt of this transmittal, and know that this email is being separately sent to numerous other interested parties and posted online as a precautionary measure.

----- EMail # 2 -----

From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: tampa.division <>
Sent: Fri, Jun 6, 2014 7:29 pm
Subject: Fwd: FBI “Color of Law” Complaint & Indictments of Criminal Charges - PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT

The Tampa Office FBI Duty Agent whom I spoke with today (he would not divulge his name) informed me that the below email was NOT received.  He suggested it be re-sent, which I am hereby doing.  He indicated he would call back to confirm receipt.

Spencer C. Young

----- EMail # 3 ----- 

From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: <>; Charlotte.public <>; tampa.division <>
Cc: san.francisco <>; washington.field <>; newyork <>; phyllis.gilmore <>; bob.corkins <>; ewrs <>
Sent: Fri, May 30, 2014 2:20 pm
Subject: FBI “Color of Law” Complaint & Indictments of Criminal Charges

Refer to attached FBI “Color of Law” Complaint & Indictments of Federal Criminal Charges which are hereby filed against 35 public officials (and 15 complicit private citizens) in the states of Kansas, Florida and North Carolina.  This matter qualifies for treatment as a "Major Case", and will be monitored accordingly.

Spencer C. Young

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