Wednesday, December 3, 2014

AT&T Continues Harassment On Fraudulent Billing As Operative For Morgan Stanley

Now why would AT&T continue to pursue what it knows to be a fraudulent billing for three years, after AT&T was found guilty of harassment, manifesting losing multiple court cases through various collection agents and resulting in paying (so far) Spencer C. Young 28 times the bogus amount sought by AT&T? (1)  It makes no sense economically, especially when considering the undeniable facts: AT&T breached its contract, so Mr. Young simply changed telecom providers -- end of story.

The answer:  AT&T is the official telecom provider to Morgan Stanley.  Moreover, AT&T had purportedly recorded Mr. Young's phone calls and regularly turned them over to Morgan Stanley to strategically thwart Mr. Young's efforts to: (1) seek re-employment; (2) reunite his family; and (3) press criminal charges and civil claims against Morgan Stanley and its operatives.  If one knows exactly what one's adversary is doing, it is a rather simple task to undermine their efforts.  It's how Morgan Stanley operates, and with arrogance, viciousness and malice that is unfathomable to most.

Rest assured, AT&T and its collection agents do not come out of pocket on this, as Morgan Stanley allegedly reimburses and additionally compensates its operatives to do its dirty work.  Perpetuating this sort of charade is also a way to continue to fraudulently mar the credit rating of its targeted victims.

(1)  Mr. Young's attorneys received 50%, so his net payments have been 14 times the bogus amount billed.

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Reflected below is a notice received from yet another an unsavory group of collection thugs in Georgia, known as Credence:

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