Monday, February 14, 2011

Request For ACLU's Involvement

The below email was sent Feb 13, 2011 in response to a request by Mr. Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union ("ACLU")  to rejoin the ACLU and pledge my financial support.  As noted in the body of the message, I reiterate my request for his involvement, and have copied many family members who have been negatively impacted by the effects of MorganStanleyGate.

To: Anthony Romero (



Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:46:42 +0000

My Reply To Anthony Romero of the ACLU: Once You Respond to the Bank Foreclosure Fraud and The Assault on American Civil Liberties in the MorganStanleyGate scandal, . .

. . . and embrace a heretofore unreported element of the "Foreclosure-gate" scandal currently gripping the nation, I'll consider rejoining and supporting the ACLU.

I ask you to visit my websites for the particulars -- presents the "big picture" and has details (along with hyperlinked access to over 700 pages of overwhelming evidence) of 20 separate elements of fraud, and 31 criminal and civil counts against a commercial bank, including the fraudulent foreclosure on a mortgage that was:
       - NEVER late
       - NOT delinquent; and
       - PAID-IN-FULL !!!

. . . And the foreclosure(s) proceeded UNCONTESTED because I was denied legal counsel, and the level of corruption that emerged to manifest this was mind-boggling . . . however, as you well know, NO ONE is above the law, and I'm launching my counter-offensive NOW with precision, and in a multi-faceted manner . . . And the ACLU represents an important prong in this strategy.

THIS is an issue the ACLU's attorneys need to "sink their teeth into", if there ever was one. . . And WE need YOU to GET INVOLVED and ACT this time . . . for the family members who rely on me for financial support are suffering terribly, because I've been deprived a livelihood that was regularly 7 figures, and an elaborate grand larceny via fraudulent foreclosures robbed me of $47 million -- and my websites document this in court filings on cases that WERE NEVER HEARD . . . Can you say "denial of due process"? And there have been so many other transgressions involved, I had to come up with an acronym because of frequent reference to these crimes -- "FRESCA".

I am also going to post this inculcated request on one of my blogs:, so the ACLU's responsiveness can be monitored as a matter of public record.

Note to those family members copied herein: Anthony Romero is one of the top senior executives of The American Civil Liberties Union, and had he responded when I first advised him of the bank foreclosure frauds, we would have never endured our current nightmare . . . for he is a very powerful and influential leader. So this is an ideal opportunity for redemption.

Anthony, I've always enjoyed your enthusiastic visits on the Colbert Report, but when you went on and on about Guantanamo Bay detainee rights and said nothing about domestic bank foreclosure fraud, it struck me that the ACLU's priorities might be askew. 

It's now time to reveal and cogently address a NEW element of "Foreclosure-gate", and having closed $32 billion in CMBS originations and securitizations during my tenure on Wall St., I can recite chapter and verse on things that have NOT been exposed before. 

These pertain to banking abuses on the COMMERCIAL mortgage side. And due to my Wall St. background (see for details), and first hand experience as the target of such wrath, I may have unwittingly become the world's foremost expert in this area. 

If you wish to speak further about this, I can be reached at 919-357-2844. For an understanding of what I am about philosophically and as a person, please visit, where I reveal the answer, and dare ANYONE to challenge me on it.



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