Thursday, February 3, 2011

Request to End Estrangement

The email below was sent earlier today by Mr. Young to his extended family, and reveals some of the devastating dysfunction MorganStanleyGate has brought to them, as well as his commitment to end this sad manifestation.
This transmittal is being sent to those I consider "My Extended Family" (recognizing many no longer feel likewise), while blind copying select others who know at least one of them very well, along with the following "from-the-heart" request to those copied:
 May I indulge you to:
1. Please forward this email to those YOU personally know in the address line; and
2. Replace the "Subject:" line with "You Should Probably Read This", or "I Was Asked To Be Sure You Read This"

Otherwise, I'm afraid it will be deleted unread. Hopefully the contents will reveal why it is important this message be delivered and understood, as well as why I make this unorthodox request. Notwithstanding, if you have time to view
30 second YouTube video (by
clicking here), you may conclude this is merely a creative means to a rational end of a most irrational situation.
For Additional Context: click here:
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To:  My Extended Family

I thought it would be timely to circulate pictures of paintings most recently completed by my sons' other Grandmother (a/k/a "Mee-Ma").  Although much has been said about my older sons' (Michael, Kevin & Ryan) estrangement from me, and my not having been able to see Jackson now for a year (that's more than one-third of his life), it bears reminding these deeply painful periods of emotional emptiness are as long, if not longer, for their Mee-Ma.  Especially since she bears no culpability for what's happened, and therefore should not be punished in such a hurtful manner. . . . . and the same holds true for my sister Denise.  So if you must affix blame and direct your retribution for what's happened to US, then I'm your MAN.  

I know what needs to be done to "right  this boat", and have begun executing meticulously developed plans to do so.  As I put the finishing touches on the dozen websites launched, you may finally begin to see how each serves a specific purpose, and why I'm confident in bringing this to a decisive and positive resolution .  And I've been reaching out for your support and understanding so this debilitating estrangement that's set it will not be used to retard my efforts. However, I've come to realize many of you have suffered too much for too long to realistically enlist your moral support at this point.  So I can only express how sorry I am you have had your lives upended as they have.
Equine Bliss
by Edna May Young
Although impacted by events I NEVER imagined could occur in America, and had undertaken prudent action every step of the way that should have arrested this horrible manifestation long ago, I accept FULL responsibility for it, and will let my actions demonstrate my resolve, and the results reinstate your confidence in me . . . for that is the only chance I have to regain what was materialistically taken and the three things I cherish most: You, your love and your respect.  I have been the patriarch of a family that has been well-provided for, for over two decades, and had built (not inherited) a level of wealth that allowed me to provide well for my loved ones, and I'm focused on regaining what was stolen and reassuming that role as quickly as possible.

The Promise of Tomorrow
By Edna May Young

In sharing these works of art, I would like them to serve as a reminder that ALL FOUR of my sons have an "Other Grandma" who is not merely a vastly talented artist, but someone who holds much love for each of her grandsons, and I am sorry I have somehow tainted your feelings toward her (as well as my sister), and ask you to reconsider.   And I invite you to experience (or re-experience) the video montage of just some of Mee-Ma's other works of art at . . . for if nothing else, this should lift your spirits.



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