Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lincoln National Life Implicated in MorganStanleyGate Cover-up

Lincoln National Life has been withholding information for more than two years concerning who had been making life insurance premium payments on a $1.5 million policy insuring Spencer C. Young's life, which should have lapsed in 2005.  

As noted below and in the attached, Lincoln MUST now release this information IMMEDIATELY, yet they continued to be non-responsive throughout the day yesterday.  Those implicated in this desperate and now OBVIOUS cover-up are Lincoln employees Ron Ryan and Howard Polk, with others likely to be named.

Separately, a Lincoln employee has already confirmed a large "catch-up" premium payment was made in the second quarter of 2010 to reinstate this policy, the timing of which coincided with the thwarted assassination attempt that also implicated New York Judge Vito DeStefano and New York Attorney Warren Behar.  (Click here for details.)

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