Saturday, December 10, 2011

Communications with the Obama Admin. Are ONE-WAY, and the US Dept. of Justice Punts to Local Level

In July, the Obama Campaign requested me to join in an initiative to register voters in Carrboro, NC (which is the town adjacent to Chapel Hill). My response on July 20  is reproduced below, and I thought my reason for being unable to attend would be of interest to them, and would elicit some type of response . . . but NOTHING.

I find it incredulous that communications with the Obama Administration go only ONE-WAY. . . especially during a time when they are looking for much needed votes.  And interactions with Eric Holder and the U.S. Dept. of Justice are not only similar, they are far more convoluted, as one only gets a new phone number to call a few times over, before reaching a person who is willing to listen . . . which by that point ends up being a NOT part of the U.S. Dept. of Justice, but rather a LOCAL government official . . . and often where the problem lies.  

Based on this empirical experience in vexation, this is yet another reason why our government is broken, and the level of corruption is at a stifling level . . . for in instances of wrongdoing, our federal government appears to be completely INEPT.

This MUST change.

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From: Spencer C. Young <>
Date: Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 1:09 PM
Subject: MY RESPONSE to: Join us in Carrboro for our biggest push yet
To: Jeremy Bird <>

Jeremy / Mitch --

I can't join you because my fiancée', my toddler son and I were forcibly evicted from our Chapel Hill NC home on a fraudulent bank foreclosure pertaining to a mortgage that was NEVER late, NOT in default, and PAID-IN-FULL! And I have been heretofore denied any and all legal representation to correct this injustice.

Is this the America, Barack Obama envisioned? I need YOUR help . . . for then you will assuredly have mine.


Spencer C. Young

From: "Mitch Stewart," <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 18:01:39 -0400
Subject: Join us in Carrboro for our biggest push yet

Friend --

A lot of the news this week has been about our campaign's fundraising results, but if you watched Messina's presentation on Wednesday, you heard him say the metrics we're most focused on are the numbers of people who are building this organization and bringing new supporters into our campaign.

This Saturday's Day of Action is the single biggest milestone yet in that effort. Volunteers in all 50 states will be knocking on doors and registering new voters -- doing the organizing work that is the real story of this campaign.

Can you join us in Carrboro to help grow this campaign? Here are the details:

What: National Day of Action

Carrboro, NC 27510

When: Saturday, July 16th
9:00 am

RSVP now

It's early on in this election, but the more people we can get involved now, the more people we'll have with us as we knock on doors and make calls going forward -- so the impact of your organizing this weekend will multiply in the months to come.

Please help register voters in Carrboro on Saturday:



Mitch Stewart
Battleground States Director
Obama for America
Paid for by Obama for America
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