Saturday, December 31, 2011

Senator Franken Asked to Help Resolve MorganStanleyGate Scandal

The below is evidence of having contacted Senator Al Franken of Minnesota on Dec. 23, 2011 in his role as a member of the US Senate Judiciary Committee to intervene to help resolve the MorganStanleyGate scandal in the context of addressing: (1) widespread legal and judicial corruption; (2) the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US History; and (3) a planned assassination.  

This is important to document because one of the hallmarks of this horrible scandal is how public officials who are elected to protect the rights of US Citizens and uphold our laws, end up failing to do so in a truly profound manner, thereby evidencing a stifling level of corruption that is now choking the United State of America.  This is one of the primary "demands" of the Occupy Movement, which continues to grow.

The body of text to the notice incorporated by reference to EACH of the 18 members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee can be accessed by clicking here.

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