Saturday, January 28, 2012

Your Governmental Law Enforcement Hard At Work . . . The FBI's Response

Reproduced below is the FBI's response to the tip submitted earlier today on the identity theft ring that's being run out of a farmhouse in rural Kanas, which is linked to the MorganStanleyGate scandal.  This is either a sad commentary on the existence of profound ineptitude or diabolical corruption, and here's why:

  • Introduction -- They begin by saying it's "NOT AN AUTOMATED RESPONSE"  -- Really?  Read on.
  • Additional Information -- They would like additional information and provide the website address to do so.  They ask that the "Tip #" be referenced when doing so -- They didn't provide a Reference # (trust me I looked all over to see if I had perhaps missed this -- I didn't)
  • Superfluous Request -- The additional information requested was already provided in painstaking detail suggesting the "Tip" was NOT read or this is just an AUTOMATED RESPONSE
  • Do Not Reply -- They report the FBI does not maintain an email address to submit information or attachments.  Why Not?  They go on to say: "We WILL NOT open or respond to "reply" email.  Why Not?
  • Now Put It All Together -- The FBI requested information that was already provided, and asked that it be sent via an on-line form that was already submitted, however, there is no way to send an attachment of additional information because they won't accept it nor read it, and after being asked to provide  information they already have, they said be sure to include the "Tip Reference #" that they never provided.  You just can't make this stuff up.
Is this process a mere ruse to only give the impression that the FBI will serve to protect and seek justice on behalf of U.S. citizens who have been victimized?  We shall see . . .

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