Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top Ten Reasons To Grant Freedom From UNLAWFUL Incarceration

During the UNLAWFUL incarceration of Spencer C. Young on entirely FABRICATED charges that were made up OUT OF THIN AIR (and later dismissed as such) by corrupt Durham North Carolina District Attorney Leon Stanback in an diabolical effort to cover-up the multiple FELONIES of North Carolina Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend (Leah R. Krier), he was denied access to any computers and also UNLAWFULLY denied legal counsel.  

As a result, Mr. Young had to handwrite messages to be posted on-line or otherwise disseminated by email through a private investigator he had hired. These handwritten messages were then secretly handed off during visits by his private investigator, who would then upload these documents to this website and mail out copies to a variety of others, as directed, with the ultimate goal of securing Mr. Young his rightful freedom.  One such document is reflected below.

                        FL  Gov. Scott                                                                NC  Gov. Perdue

The below document was mailed to Florida Governor Rick Scott and North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue preceded by a quick summary as follows:

#10  No crime was committed
#9  False arrest was an act of retaliation
#8  Extradition request is invalid
#7 FL Case Law supports release
#6   FL Supreme Court  case supports release
#5  Facts show extradition not warranted
#4  Mr. Young was NOT in North Carolina
#3  Probable cause missing from arrest warrant
#2  Denial of reasonable bail was unlawful; and 
#1  SEVENTEEN Constitutional Rights were violated

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