Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FL Gov. Rick Scott & NC Gov. Bev Perdue: An Apostasy of Justice and Denied Right to Vote

Governors Perdue and Scott: Please take a good look at the innocent, upstanding and law-abiding U.S. citizen you collectively participated to: (1) maliciously assault his civil rights: (2) wrongfully deny him his inalienable rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness; (3) trample on 17 of his Constitutional Rights; (4) torture during an UNLAWFUL INCARCERATION from a WRONGFUL ARREST orchestrated by other CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS in North Carolina, notably Durham District Attorney Leon Stanback in order to COVER-UP the multiple FELONIES of NC Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, among others; and even (5) WRONGFULLY DENY THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

                  Gov. Bev  Perdue                           Gov. Rick Scott                          Spencer C. Young

Reproduced below is yet ANOTHER Letter fruitlessly sent  to the Governors of North Carolina and Florida to stop the CRIMINAL assault on the civil liberties and Constitutional rights of Spencer C. Young. It was scanned and emailed by the Private Investigator hired by Mr. Young.  The crux of the matter (AND THEIR CORRUPT PARTICIPATION IN THIS ASSAULT could not have been made more clear with his conveying outright exasperation with Mr. Young making the situation very clear in saying  . . .

"For the 37th time, I am the VICTIM of a GRAND LARCENY -- NOT the perpetrator of extortion [the BOGUS charge made up out of thin air].  Asking for the return of one's stolen property is NOT a crime, it is a CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT."

Mr. Young went on to say . . .

"I have no criminal record, and yet find myself
 in maximum security with violent felons"

And also . . .

"My arrest is a fraud and strictly retaliatory"

Mr. Young's request was also pointedly clear, specifically . . .

  1. Stop the fatally defective extradition (from FL to NC);
  2. Dismiss the FALSE CHARGES;
  3. Grant me my RIGHTFUL FREEDOM;
  4. Compel the return of my stolen property [By NC Judge LaBarre & his girlfriend], including the WRONGFUL SEIZURE of all of my computers;
  5. Prosecute those who played a role in the theft of my property; and 
  6. Arrange to have an absentee ballot sent to me, so I may vote in the upcoming elections

Governors Perdue and Scott did NOTHING and are therefore CULPABLE in aiding and abetting the CRIMES perpetrated against Spencer C. Young.

And once again, the Elephant in the Room is: "Why did those copied also remain silent?

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