Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revealing Questions For Pinellas County's (Florida) Public Defender . . . Which Were Simply Ignored

The questions posed in the below communique to Jane McNeill, the second Pinellas County (FL) Public Defender after the profoundly incompetent job of Jonathan Duncan are further evidence the extensive corruption as the actions undertaken were clearly NOT in Mr. Young's best interest.  In conversations with Ms. McNeill, it was clear her actions were pursuant to directions received from Bob Dillinger, the Chief Public Defender for Pinellas County, FL, and the intent of which was to perpetuate the violation of Mr. Young's civil rights arising from his unlawful incarceration in Florida and facilitate the subsequent fraudulent extradition to North Carolina.

As noted in the below correspondence from Mr. Young to Ms. McNeill, she engaged in:

  • Malicious Withholding -- She deliberately withheld Mr. Young's only copy of Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus, which in an environment of judicial legitimacy would have certainly resulted in freedom from his unlawful incarceration.
  • Unauthorized Pleadings -- She entered a plea on Mr. Young's behalf without consulting with him, which was contrary to his interests, and facilitated his fraudulent extradition to North Carolina
  • Unauthorized Case Transfer -- She contacted the Florida Supreme Court, who was to hear Mr. Young's appeal of McGrady's bogus denial of his Writ of Habeas Corpus, and then had it transferred to an Appellate Court, who took no action and simply ignored it, thus paving the way for the fraudulent extradition to North Carolina
  • Failing to Pursue Removal of Corrupt Judge -- She never docketed Mr. Young's detailed motion to remove the woefully corrupt Thomas McGrady as judge in ALL of of Mr. Young's matters as McGrady clearly demonstrated a reckless disregard for the US Constitution and the fundamental civil rights granted therefrom
Jane McNeill indicated her actions were undertaken pursuant to the express instructions of Pinellas County Chief Public Defender, Bob Dillinger, which she knew or should have known were patently unethical, and only exacerbated the violation of Mr. Young's Constitutional rights.

Note:  It is interesting that not one single image of Ms. McNeill exists online -- in today's environment of pervasive social media, this is indicative of someone who has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide from others and often carried out by those who engage in unlawful activities.

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