Monday, November 26, 2012

Request for FBI to Investigate "Color of Law" Abuse of Judicial Authority

Date:   Nov. 26, 2012

To:      The FBI -- Charlotte, NC Office

This follows my urgent plea for help to the FBI duty agent manning the phones at 5:00 pm today – she would not provide her name “for security reasons”.

I have been victimized by a judge in Durham County, NC (“retired” Superior Court Judge David Q. LaBarre) who abused his judicial authority in a manner I thought could not possibly occur in the United States. I was arrested at gunpoint in Tarpon Springs (Pinellas County) Florida by a SWAT team of a dozen U.S. Federal Marshals on a felony charge made up out of thin air (extortion). I was then incarcerated for 127 days with the most violent of criminals and subjected to psychological torture, while being denied bail and legal representation. A week after my arrest, my residence in Tarpon Springs was raided and all of my computer equipment was taken, predicated on yet another pretended offense, cyberstalking.

Upon being extradited to North Carolina on a patently fraudulent extradition warrant (facilitated by wayward officials in Florida), I was then advised of a third meritless charge (harassing phone calls). I was finally granted bail, but I remain deeply emotionally scarred from the harrowing ordeal, and still face prosecution by a jurisdiction notorious for its zealous prosecution of false charges (e.g., my eldest son was on the Duke Men's Lacrosse team during the national scandal that erupted in 2006). I have no prior criminal record.

The reality is this – my victimization was in retaliation for having filed a detailed criminal complaint against this corrupt judge (LaBarre), where I outlined five separate episodes of grand larceny, fraudulent conversion and automobile theft, which he perpetrated with numerous others, including a woman I was once engaged to marry. This is particularized in Document 1 (attached), which has not been acted on by the Durham Police Department, because they are also involved in the cover-up.

The fabricated extortion charge is based solely on my request for the return of my stolen property -- this is NOT a crime, it is a Constitutionally protected right (attached as Document 2), I am astonished this has not been dismissed, and I now have an impending hearing on December 3, but I still have no legal representation.

I beg of you to help me as I am being railroaded in what the FBI refers to as a "color of law" abuse of authority.

Spencer C. Young

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