Friday, July 10, 2015

Request For Proposal To Civil Rights Attorneys In Florida & North Carolina

An accomplished civil rights attorney is sought to represent my interests in the filing of joint and several lawsuits totaling $254 million against corrupt public officials and their respective municipalities in North Carolina and Florida.  These officials violated the public’s trust in an unlawful complotted assault, resulting in the violation of 17 constitutional rights, listed below.  Their reprehensible acts were an abuse of authority executed under the “color of law", which were deftly carried out with devastating effect, horrifying speed and decided aplomb, such that it was clear their actions were well-honed through frequent prior application. 

This is a decidedly important and relevant matter, as it conceivably represents a clear and present danger to every law-abiding American citizen.  Nevertheless, what makes the actions of these public officials especially abhorrent is that they were intended to cover up the extensive felonies of a North Carolina judge.  Durham County judge David Q. LaBarre engages in a practice of robbing unsuspecting individuals, and then arresting them on fabricated charges as a form of intimidation, and to compromise his victim's credibility as a newly created "criminal", should they attempt to seek recourse.

Through this lawsuit, I hope to set a precedent for exposing, extricating and prosecuting wayward public officials who represent the essence of kakistocracy, and whose arrogance suggests a belief that they are above the law.

Now a little bit about me, a précis of the facts, a list of the rights violated, identification of the key perpetrators and then some concluding thoughts, including suggested next steps.

About Me
I am an Ivy League educated (with an MBA in Finance) father of three now adult sons, who graduated with honors from Duke University and University of Maryland, as one of the most accomplished groups of brothers in NCAA sports history.  Their achievements are a byproduct of my having coached all of their grade school athletic teams, despite a heavy schedule as an executive in corporate finance and banking. 

Professionally, I founded the commercial mortgage back securities (CMBS) business at J.P. Morgan, ran the CMBS securitization conduit at Morgan Stanley, and created and trademarked the IQ® (“Institutional Quality”) brand of CMBS security.  The franchises I created and built up are today worth $ billions.  I also successfully invested in and redeveloped commercial real estate properties for over two decades. 

My wife of 24 years passed away in 2011 after a stress-induced illness brought on by the larger underlying scandal in this matter, which is the subject of my forthcoming book, Cannibals In White Shoes (see for more).

The Facts
Here’s a quick summary of the relevant facts:
Five Felonies – In five episodes over a six-month period in 2011, LaBarre and his girlfriend stole $275,000 in cash and property that was involuntarily placed in Durham, North Carolina storage facilities after "the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history" (verified by Google)
False Arrest – After LaBarre was outed and a criminal indictment was filed against him in 2012, he had me arrested on a fabricated charge by a heavily armed U.S. Marshal SWAT team in Pinellas County Florida, where I reside.  This was orchestrated by LaBarre's longtime friend, Leon Stanback, then the acting Durham District Attorney.
Denied Rights – I was denied legal counsel, denied bail and placed in solitary confinement in Pinellas County Jail for a week while my home was ransacked in a desperate effort to destroy all evidence against LaBarre and his girlfriend (note: my wrongfully seized computers have still not been returned).
Cruel Treatment -- I was then transferred into maximum-security with the most violent felons, where I received many death threats, and after I made officials aware of this, I was moved back to solitary confinement, and subjected to  psychological torture, which bordered on the absurd
Unlawful Incarceration -- I was unlawfully incarcerated for 127 days, on a charge that that was dismissed as meritless, and the extent of which I did not learn about until I had been in jail for over two months.  Of this, 118 days were spent in Pinellas County (FL) Jail, one day in being fraudulently extradited to North Carolina, and 8 days were spent in Durham County (NC) Jail.
Florida’s RoleJ. Thomas McGrady, then chief judge of Florida's 6th Judicial Circuit, played a pivotal role in my unlawful incarceration in Florida, and in the trampling of my constitutional rights
On Notice – On numerous occasions during my unlawful incarceration, I had put senior public officials on notice of my intent to sue them jointly and severally for $2 million for each day of my wrongful jailing (ergo, 127 days x $2 million = $254 million)

Rights Violated
As a result of this reckless abuse of authority, 17 of my constitutional rights were violated:
  1. Trial not held in state where alleged crimes were committed
  2. Can’t extradite to a state one has not fled from
  3. Freedom of speech
  4. Freedom of press
  5. Right to bear arms
  6. Security against unreasonable searches and seizures
  7. Search warrants not to be issued without probable cause
  8. Cannot be detained without presentment or indictment
  9. Due process of law
  10. The right to a speedy trial
  11. To be informed of the nature and cause of accusation
  12. To be confronted with witnesses against the accused
  13. To be given the opportunity for obtaining witnesses
  14. The right to competent legal counsel
  15. The right to reasonable bail
  16. To not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment
  17. Equal protection of the laws

Key Perpetrators
Those public officials involved in this malicious assault on my civil rights and who should be named as defendants in this civil claim, are too numerous to list here, however the kingpins directly involved were:
  • David Q. LaBarre – Durham County, NC “Emergency” Judge
  • Leon StanbackThen Acting Durham County, NC District Attorney
  • Thomas McGradyThen Chief Judge of 6th Judicial Circuit (Pinellas County, FL)

Each has been named in a Federal Criminal Color of Law Indictment filed with the U.S. Dept. of Justice and multiple offices of the FBI, and why Then is the operative word.

Concluding Thoughts
This matter contains many elements consistent with high profile cases that have garnered media attention in the past, and I intend undertake every possible action to ensure it does.  Accordingly, the attorney I'm looking to hire is one who would be most comfortable interacting with the media.

If interested, please submit your proffered terms of engagement, which I leave open-ended, except with the proviso that they be contingent-fee based.  Please submit your written proposal via email to  Thank you.


Spencer C. Young

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