Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Art Imitating Life . . . And Life Imitating Art" - Police Brutality & Corruption in The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History

If you saw the movie "Changeling" starring Angelina Jolie you know about the tragic true story of Christine Collins, who was victimized by a notoriously corrupt Los Angeles Police Dept. (LAPD) in 1928, and her quest for justice against the corruption and brutality she was subjected to after her son was kidnapped.  The story was so unbelievable, the movie cast had to be shown newspaper clippings of the incredulous events to be convinced it actually happened.

Yet as unbelievable as the Changeling story was, the SAME crimes were perpetrated in SAME manner 82 years later by the Orange County, North Carolina Sheriff's Dept. (OCS).  They were perpetrated against Spencer C. Young and his family -- PLUS the UNLAWFUL acts of the OCS were part of the final phase of The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History, which is a desperate and exceptionally UNLAWFUL effort to cover up the increasingly epic MorganStanleyGate scandal.  Accordingly, the crimes committed by the OCS have been coined:

A video documenting the Sameling + crimes has been produced, and has been filed at the Federal and State levels in a series of civil and criminal complaints against Orange County (NC) Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass, his right hand thug Major Charles Blackwood and others.  The complete video can be accessed below:

Note:  In the event you encounter difficulty in viewing this video, the slides from this video can be accessed via hyperlink below -- they are segregated into four parts:
  1. WHERE & WHEN:  The parallels of the UNLAWFUL acts of the corrupt Los Angeles Police Dept. in 1928 and those perpetrated by a corrupt Orange County North Carolina Sheriff 82 years later
  2. WHAT:  A summary of the ADDITIONAL Over-The-Top ILLEGAL Actions Perpetrated by the Orange County North Carolina Sheriff and his Deputies
  3. WHO & HOW:  Identifying Those Responsible For This Travesty & How Will Justice Be Served
  4. WHY:  The Devastating Impact of the UNLAWFUL Acts & Why This MUST Be Prosecuted

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