Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Countdown to Justice Begins in TWO Minutes . . . Times FIVE

The time has arrived to reveal EVERYTHING about the MorganStanleyGate scandal, expose and prosecute EVERYONE who has played a role in it, and realize the JUSTICE that has been so long overdue.  

However, my message (despite the existence of overwhelming evidence) has not gotten through to the right people. So I’ve boiled it down to roughly TWO MINUTES, delivered it in FIVE languages, and it’s now being widely circulated – see videos below

The Approach

In my efforts to regain what was stolen, resurrect what vestiges remain of my family and reclaim the reputation that was maliciously sullied, I will be forgiving of those who recognize their past mistakes and cooperate in this quest for justice.

On the other hand, I will be ruthless and resolute in prosecuting those who stubbornly remain blind to their past transgressions and errors in judgment. 

Why Is This So Important
The scoundrels who started this “fight” (which began as an employment fraud) also played instrumental roles in causing Wall Street’s sub-prime mortgage meltdown, and the ensuing economic mess we continue to face.

Yet instead of acknowledging the initial wrongdoing, three native “Good Ole Boy” North Carolina bank CEOs collaborated to cover it up by executing the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history -- made possible by a cavalcade of unethical attorneys, a disturbing instance of police brutality and an astonishing level of corruption by public officials, most notably local judges.

Importantly, countless others will thus benefit by bringing this dastardly scandal to a successful conclusion.

My TWO Minute Message . . . Times FIVE

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