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Facebook's Criminal Fraud & Why Its IPO May Become WORTHLESS [Issued 2 Hrs. Before Final Pricing]

With the long-anticipated initial public offering ("IPO") of Facebook stock nearly upon us, here's the question prospective investors in Facebook's IPO should be asking: "Is Facebook's instances of FRAUD (described herein) an attempt to: (1) undermine the Occupy Movement; (2) cover-up the scandal known as "MorganStanleyGate"; (3) both #1 and #2; or (4) none of the above?"
Answer = (3)

And the well-known baseball call . . .

"Stee-rike THREE !! You're OUT !!

. . . is especially germane -- for these are how many times Facebook has engaged in and "whiffed" at explaining its three separate, but related instances of FRAUD in Dec. 2011, Jan. 2012 and now May 2012.  And while these may at first appear pedestrian, closer examination will expose them as "the tip of the iceberg" to a scandal of epic proportion.

Many Insiders Cashing Out
This well known call from Americana also represents WHERE prudent investors should be with regard to participating in the impending Facebook IPO.  This is because, with "price talk" valuations of $100 billion +, the Facebook IPO could very well go down in history as . . .

THE largest investor fraud ever perpetrated.

Investors should take note that MANY Facebook insiders are "cashing out" in this IPO.  These investors should ask themselves:  "What is it that THEY know, that I don't?"  Perhaps another question is more relevant: "Is this an instance of internet bubble déjà vu?"  Importantly, they may wish to consider George Santayana's sage aphorism:

"Those who cannot remember the past
 are condemned to repeat it"

Credibility Behind the Allegations
As described herein by Spencer C. Young,  a veteran Wall St. executive and former Morgan Stanley insider with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the firm and someone who possesses a strong and directly relevant educational background, the current price talk valuation of Facebook might eventually prove ephemeral.

Mr. Young has an extensive career in banking

Relevant Comparison of Young Adults
Mr. Young's eldest son, Michael is about the same age as Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and possesses an equally high IQ.  And although Mr. Zuckerberg has been touted as a once-in-a-lifetime visionary, Mr. Young holds a far more sobering down-to-earth normalized reality view of this purported Wunderkind, which will be covered in a later blog post.  Therefore, as strange as it may viscerally appear, (and discounting the expected subjectivity of a loving father) the only real difference between these young men in terms of raw skills and abilities may be that one was an accomplished elite college athlete, as reflected in the below video.

Mr. Young also has similarly gifted twin adult sons, Kevin and Ryan, whose vast athletic accomplishments in the wake of overwhelming sadness and adversity were covered on national TV (ESPN) throughout the Spring of 2011.  Relevant commentary by ESPN sports analysts begin at the 4:30 mark in the below video, which is bookended by some of Ryan Young's highlights, who was a three-time All-American and Captain of the Maryland Men's Lacrosse Team.

All three of Mr. Young's adult sons have long been athletic standouts, and during their collegiate careers had collectively racked up . . .

  • EIGHT Final Four NCAA Championship appearances;
  • FIVE Atlantic Coast Conference Titles; and
  • ONE National Championship . . .
. . . and each of his son's had cultivated a large circle of genuine friends during their collegiate days.  By comparison, and as depicted in the movie Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg has long been considered "socially retarded" by others (see below section titled "Art Imitating Life" for more on this), which makes it all the more ironic that Mr. Zuckerberg would end up the founder and CEO of  the largest social networking website in the world . . . at least for now.

Morgan Stanley's Dastardly Acts
Facebook senior management was earlier apprised that Morgan Stanley not only played a direct role in the death of the mother of these three brothers (and Mr. Young's wife of 24 years), but also in her agonizing torture over many years by orchestrating what very well may be . . .

and . . .
including an . . .
. . . over-the-top multi-state smear campaign
ALL of which are elements the . . .
MorganStanleyGate scandal
that is . . .

And a criminal investigation will reveal how Morgan Stanley collaborated with TWO other banks (Wachovia and Paragon Commercial) at the then CEO level to . . .

In an effort to cover-up this ever-growing scandal, it was Morgan Stanley who executed this despicable plan to turn his family against him, which is one of the many tactics they employ to intentionally destroy the lives of those deemed a threat to any of their franchises.  And Mr. Young is committed to exposing this because he wants his sons back in his life, as reflected in the below video.

So with this background as context to Morgan Stanley leading the Facebook IPO, let's get back to . . .

  . . . why Facebook shares may 
in the end be worth NOTHING.

Trouble Brewing
There exists today a groundswell of palpable distrust and pent-up anger from Facebook's growing disrespect of its users, and Facebook is on the precipice of losing the confidence of its cultivated community altogether, because many frankly feel not merely used . . . but abused.  Importantly, the disrespect shown to select users is disturbingly deliberate.

This means Facebook faces a brewing exodus en masse, manifesting a potentially cataclysmic falling out of favor at a more accelerated pace vis-a-vis its meteoric rise.  In other words, Facebook appears to be "one short electronic bridge away" from losing the preponderance of its users to rivals who:
  1. respect the privacy of its users;
  2. embrace the notion of customer service; and
  3. acknowledge America's disdain for subterfuge particularly in the context of its growing fear and distrust of government involvement in private enterprise
. . . which Facebook has hit the TRIFECTA in -- albeit from an antithetical standpoint.

Art Imitating Life
In the movie "The Social Network", the amalgam of messages delivered to Mark Zuckerberg's character at the beginning (by his girlfriend, played by Rooney Mara) and at the end (by one of his attorneys, played by Rashida Jones) serves as a prophetic and now apropos backdrop -- for it represents an apt response to how Facebook now engages in agenda-motivated FRAUD to harass and censor select users, and a selling-out for parochial esurient gain to a potentially sinister government agenda:

" . . . Stop trying to be the ASSHOLE you are !! "
Girlfriend Erica Albright                            Attorney Marylin Delpy

Five Associations
Would you like some proof?  OK, let's consider Facebook's over-the-top harassment of one of its users (Spencer C. Young) which began shortly after Erskine Bowles joined the Facebook Board of Directors.  And to understand how this relates to what is believed to be a fugacious market valuation of Facebook, one need only consider the sequence of events evidencing Facebook's blatant FRAUD outlined in the below APPENDIX to this posting and the associations between:
  1. Erskine Bowles;
  2. Facebook;
  3. Morgan Stanley;
  4. MorganStanleyGate; and
  5. The Occupy Movement.
It's hard to imagine these are ALL linked . . . but they MOST CERTAINLY are.

These Are NOT Coincidences
An understanding of these FIVE associations, and how they are linked, will buttress the veracity of these damning, and otherwise unfathomable allegations, and will place what may viscerally appear to be pedestrian events, into more meaningful context.  Note also that each bulleted fact is hyper-linked to corroborating information for those skeptically predisposed:

Facebook's Malicious Affront
With these FIVE associations in mind, and considering the dastardly actions Facebook has undertaken against Mr. Young (detailed in the APPENDIX below), and it becomes clear . . .

Facebook, at the urging and influence 
of its newly elected member of its Board of Directors 
(Erskine Bowles), has been deliberately trying to 
censor and harass Spencer C. Young,
who is most certainly NOT
Facebook's sole

In Mr. Young's case, the purpose in impeding his ability to connect with others has been to hinder, or otherwise prevent the launching of an activist-based resource mobilization initiative, using a social networking paradigm developed by a post-doctoral research team at MIT that will:
  1. Resolve the MorganStanleyGate scandal once and for all
  2. Expose those who played a role in this now massive scandal; and thus
  3. Turbo charge some of the important initiatives sought by the Occupy Movement, including prosecuting criminal bankers, implementing true banking reform, reverting assets stolen via foreclosure fraud, seeking redress for police brutality, receiving justice for civil rights violations and undertaking meaningful actions to eradicate widespread corruption.

The Irony of Facebook's Actions
As you know, Facebook reliably served as an important vehicle to quickly link like-minded activists in furthering the "Arab Spring" movement that ended up toppling many fascist regimes in the Middle East.  Do you think Facebook harassed those like-minded activists with:  "You are being blocked for sending friend requests to people you don't know"?  Need a hint? The answer to this is represented by the acronym . . . NFW.

However, as evidenced by Facebook's patently absurd actions described in detail below, they are now doing precisely that . . . and thus contradicting and undermining the integrity of its own business model, which is arguably the very foundation upon which its value was built -- to wit, unfettered social networking that swiftly facilitates the free and open exchange of ideas and information among a large populace of like-minded individuals. 

The Danger Of Selective Censoring
As depicted in the "true story" movie Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg's character waxes eloquent over the tenuous nature (and hence value) of social networking websites by describing the "domino effect" of users leaving en masse due to a sudden loss of confidence -- in this case it pertained to keeping the servers up for college students at select colleges in the U.S. (refer to the 16 second video clip below).

By camparison, in the matter at hand, Facebook faces a far more significant downside because we are not just talking about students at a few dozen select colleges.  Rather, this is of global significance involving people from all walks of life, who now regularly turn to Facebook for the latest about what's really going on in the world -- this being the case because no one with a head on their shoulders believes the censored crap now being spewed by most news media outlets which are controlled by FIVE corporations.

And given Facebook's already tarnished reputation in widely sharing of private information  about each of its users for profit (particularly with the U.S. government), revelations of selective censoring of users could take on an unshakable image as surrogate "Big Brother".  This could conceivably result in a mass exodus of users to rival social websites already planning for this with easy to use electronic bridges for each user to readily transfer his/her information, pics, videos, posts, etc., along with an army of attorneys battle-station ready to protect their rights to do so.  

So you see, Facebook's market valuation could be "here today . . . gone tomorrow".  And it is clear this risk has NOT been sufficiently dimensioned for potential investors -- for if it were, there is no way a $100 billion could be remotely justified in the "price talk" of the shares being offered.

Facebook's FRAUD-Based Harassment
Now let's consider how Facebook deliberately blocked Spencer C. Young THREE times from expanding his network of friends sympathetic to the Occupy Movement, and in each case, the penalty time period has been expanded from ONE WEEK to TWO WEEKS, and most recently ONE MONTH, including going so far as preventing him from sending messages altogether.  Importantly, as laid out in painstaking detail in the APPENDIX below, there is no legitimate, nor remotely justifiable basis for this whatsoever -- in other words it is a FRAUD.  Therefore, in an objective evaluation of the underlying facts, it is clear . . .

Facebook has engaged in Criminal FRAUD in
 its following the directives of a recently elected member of
its Board of Directors (Erskine Bowles), the intent 
of which has been to harass and censor 
Spencer C. Young and thus assist
in the cover-up of the 

And for those who doubt, the influence Mr. Bowles wields, keep in mind Goldman Sachs was originally considered the front runner to lead the Facebook IPO, and yet to virtually every pundits surprise (with the exception of Mr. Bowles and his partner in crime, John Mack), Morgan Stanley was awarded this plum investment banking assignment.

[Refer to Exhibits 1 through 7 in the APPENDIX below for details on Facebook's OBVIOUS FRAUD.]

Facebook Supports Subversives
Moreover, Facebook has been mysteriously allowing select others to circumvent its spam filters and membership behavior algorithms altogether in order to allow the infiltration of "subversives" focused on undermining the Occupy Movement by surreptitious means, by having them infiltrate Occupy Groups on Facebook to:
  1. Equivocate Facts -- by calling into question the veracity of legitimate Occupy-related postings (for instance refuting the existence of "chemtrails", genetically modified crops, and secret loans granted by the Federal Reserve):
  2. Berate Activists -- by launching vicious ad hominem attacks at those sympathetic to the Occupy Movement; and
  3. Smear Legitimacy -- by trying to create an impression (as an activist poseur) that Occupy Movement activists are belligerent, mentally imbalanced and dangerous
[Refer to Exhibits 8 and 9  in the APPENDIX below for examples of this.]

Concluding Remarks
Through its disturbingly incestuous ties with the U.S. Government and Morgan Stanley, Facebook has engaged in diabolical practices and Criminal FRAUD in an effort to BOTH:
  1. Undermine the Occupy Movement; and
  2. Cover-up the MorganStanleyGate scandal . . .
. . . and the overwhelming evidence contained in the APPENDIX below PROVES THESE STARK REALITIES BEYOND ALL DOUBT.  And it's important to recognize that although pedestrian in appearance, Facebook's complicity in knowingly undertaking actions to cover-up criminal acts via artifice constitutes . . .



Exhibit 1:  Summary of Three Instances of Facebook's FRAUD-based Harassment

The acts of fraud would be pedestrian if there was not criminal intent associated with each instance, as discussed above.  Notwithstanding it's important to recognize a hallmark of corrupt environment is the incidence of inequitably applied constraints placed on individuals based entirely on concocted parameters bearing no resemblance to rationality.  Another element is lack of redress often manifested in simply ignoring complaints made.

This is precisely what occurred, and it should be pointed out that because of the undue influence of Erskine Bowles, it is Facebook's intent to prevent Spencer C. Young from reaching out to other Occupy Movement activists altogether and predicated on entirely spurious reasons.  This is plainly obvious in this Appendix.

In staying with the original baseball metaphor, here is listing of Facebook's Three Strikes:
  • Strike One:  The revelations of absurdity in Facebook's first "Blocking" of Friend Requests (for ONE WEEK) can be accessed by clicking here.  This was addressed through various Facebook customer service outlets and its senior management.  Facebook was NON-RESPONSIVE.
  • Strike Two:  The particulars of Facebook's second patently ridiculous "Blocking" of Friend Requests (for TWO WEEKS) can be accessed by clicking here.  Facebook's actions are so utterly irrational you will no doubt find their  actions hilarious.  Facebook was again NON-RESPONSIVE.
  • Strike Three:  Refer to the analysis below in Exhibits 1 thru 7, where Facebook's FRAUD becomes abundantly clear, especially when a comparison is made with a person whose alias is "Eduard Khil (Trol)", which is evaluated in Exhibits 8 thru 9.  Suffice it to say unconventional means are being undertaken so Facebook can NO LONGER ignore the issue. 
STRIKE ONE:  Facebook's FIRST FRAUDULENT ACT - Dec. 19, 2011
STRIKE TWO:  Facebook's SECOND FRAUDULENT ACT - Jan. 27, 2012
Conclusion:  Each instance where Facebook blocked Mr. Young from making Friend Requests to like-minded Occupy Movement Activists was baseless and entirely FRAUDULENT.

Exhibit 2:   Overview of Mr. Young's Most Recent Efforts to Expand Activist Base

Over a 16 day period (from Apr. 16 to May 2, 2012) Mr. Young sent out 259 highly targeted friend requests to fellow Occupy Movement activists, along with a brief message providing context for each extended offer.  While many of these were customized for each recipient, the message below is representative of the messages typically sent out.

Typical Message Accompanying Each Facebook Friend Request

Although Facebook blocked friend requests for the THIRD time on May 2, 2012, as of May 16, 2012 a total of 253 of these requests were accepted . . .

This equates to a 98% acceptance rate.  

Now while the notion of a social networking website restricting its users from doing exactly that (ie.e, social networking) is beyond absurd, there is no Facebook algorithm nor parameter that would even remotely come close to justifying or otherwise triggering such a draconian measure of blocking ALL friend requests for ONE MONTH.

Conclusion: Facebook's Friend Request Restriction is an OBVIOUS FRAUD.

Exhibit 3:  Messages Received in Response to Mr. Young's  Friend Requests & Accompanying Messages

While some people accepted Mr. Young's overture without a responding message, many did in fact respond.  Reflected below are roughly 50 such messages that are very typical, however, to protect their privacy (a concept which Facebook regularly abuses), their identities have been protected.

Now put on your "Common Sense" hat and ask yourself:
Is it reasonable or even remotely
justifiable for Facebook to block 
Mr. Young from forming such friendships?   

Approximately 50 Responding Messages to Spencer C. Young's Friendship Overtures
 Made Over a Five-Day Period Between April 28th and May 2nd, 2012

Conclusion: Facebook's Friend Request Restriction is ABSURD and an OBVIOUS FRAUD.

Exhibit 4:  Feedback Provided To Facebook

Reflected below are five recent instances where Facebook was advised the imposed Friend Request Blocks  were "FRAUDULENT", "UNJUSTIFIED", "BOGUS" and "HARASSING".   These are in addition to numerous other notifications sent to Facebook, dating back as far back as six months ago.  Facebook NEVER responded.  

Feedback Sent to Facebook (For Which There Was NO RESPONSE)

Each instance of feedback provided to Facebook was in response to: (1) an Acceptance; (2) Facebook's Suggestion; and (3) Facebook's Gotcha Moment.

(1) Acceptance -- Spencer Young accepted a "friend request" from someone whom Facebook had previously BLOCKED him from sending a "friend request".  In those instances, he had sent them a message, as noted below.
Friendship Request from a Person Whom Facebook had blocked Mr. Young from "Friending"

(2) Facebook's Suggestions -- Upon accepting, Facebook gave the impression that they acknowledged their mistake by suggesting Mr. Young send friend requests to a long list of others with whom he shared as much as a 100+ mutual friends, along with a convenient "Add Friend" button (see below).
    Suggested Friends AFTER Mr. Young Accepted A Friend Request
    From A Person He Was Blocked From Sending Such Requests
And evidencing profound stupidity in algorithmic design and operational policy, it is important to realize that throughout the "penalty phase" Facebook has ALSO regularly served up pop-up boxes on other pages suggesting Mr. Young send friend requests to another list of "People You May Know" (see below).

Suggested Friends Pop-Up Box While Nevertheless Blocking
Mr. Young From Making Such Requests

(3) Facebook's Gotcha Moment -- Upon taking up Facebook's seemingly gracious and conciliatory offers, Mr.Young was chagrined (the first time), angered (the second time), and found himself  LMFAO each subsequent time, when Facebook's offer was revealed to be merely a ruse, evidenced by their message "Friend Requests Blocked for 30 Days" (see below).  Mr. Young often pointed out how Facebook appeared to set up their algorithms "like a bunch of morons".

Facebook Continued its FRAUDULENT Block AFTER Suggesting Friends (Unbelievable)

In light of these profoundly imbecilic operational revelations . . .

Conclusion: Facebook's Friend Request Restriction is an OBVIOUS FRAUD, and their absolutely horrific Customer Service suggests profound recklessness and outright stupidity in fundamental policy making and implementation.  Moreover, its failure to respond in any way shape or form to the numerous complaints filed suggests corruption may exist at Facebook.

Exhibit 5:  Facebook Had Secretly Cancelled Friend Requests
Not only did Facebook FRAUDULENTLY block Mr. Young from sending friend requests to like-minded Occupy Movement activists, but it also secretly cancelled ALL outstanding friend requests.  Mr. Young became aware of Facebook's diabolical actions in feedback from others who received his message, but NOT his friend request, an example of which is reflected below.

Evidence of Facebook Surreptitiously Cancelling Mr. Young's Friendship Requests

Conclusion:  Facebook's surreptitious canceling of Mr. Young's outstanding Friend Requests is yet another instance of an OBVIOUS FRAUD, and suggests diabolical intentions.

Exhibit 6:  Facebook Also FRAUDULENTLY Blocked Mr. Young's Ability to SEND Messages

Although Mr. Young was FRAUDULENTLY  prevented from sending friendship requests to like-minded Occupy Movement activists, he continued to forge relationships by requesting others to send him friendship requests.  Although most everyone responded with a friend request, Facebook then blocked Mr. Young's ability to send messages (see below).
The Ability To Send Messages to Others Was Also BLOCKED

Even in trying to correspond with his EXISTING friends, Facebook introduced an annoying and intrusive security check each time Mr. Young tried to send a message (see below).

Messages To EXISTING Friends Suddenly Required Another HARASSING Step

Conclusion:  Facebook's blocking Mr. Young from sending ALL messages is further evidence of  FRAUD, and its over-the-top efforts suggest potential criminal intent behind its entirely unjustified harassment.

Exhibit 7:  Mr. Young Friends Astonished By Facebook's Reprehensible Acts

Reflected below was a a typical exchange of messages BEFORE Facebook began to employ the FRAUD-based "Security Checks" in an insulting manner by suggesting his messages to his EXISTING friends were SPAM.

Explaining to a Friend Why Facebook Is Targeting Its FRAUD Against Spencer C. Young

Conclusion:  Facebook's FRAUDULENT actions indicate the direct influence of Erskine Bowles, and its ridiculous and entirely baseless restrictive efforts suggest potential criminal intent in the cover-up of MorganStanleyGate and its many unlawful elements.

Exhibit 8:  Wait'll You Get A Load Of This . . .

Although Facebook's actions against Mr. Young are BEYOND RIDICULOUS, and defy every vestige of rational business behavior in the all important realm of customer service, they will no doubt scramble to concoct some nonsensical basis for their actions.  But the harsh reality is . . .

Facebook's actions are OBVIOUS & INDEFENSIBLE

Notwithstanding, if the aforesaid weren't enough to convince ANYONE of an evil underlying agenda, then consider the case of Facebook user "Eduard Khil (Trol)" who was briefly Mr. Young's Facebook friend.  Although it took Mr. Young over three years to establish a legitimate Facebook friend base of 628, whom he knows well and extensively communicates with, by comparison it took Eduard Khil (Trol) only 9 days to register 700 "FB friends" whom he did not know AT ALL.  

Moreover, Mr. Khil was able accomplish this "Friending-on-Steroids" with Facebook's direct assistance by allowing Mr. Khil to send out literally thousands of often unanswered or rejected friend requests in little over a week to people he did NOT know, realizing at best an estimated 20-25% acceptance rate, while Mr. Young sent a couple hundred requests out to like-minded activists who welcomed his overtures at a 98% acceptance rate.

Something seems rotten in Denmark, now doesn't it?

In referring to the comments contained in the screen shot below of the Facebook Wall for this subversive person, it is OBVIOUS there is NOTHING LEGITIMATE about him . . . he is a FRAUD.

Facebook Wall of Eduard Khil (Trol)

Conclusion:  Facebook's comparative treatment of Eduard Khil (Trol) vis-a-vis Spencer C. Young only makes the FRAUD perpetrated against Mr. Young all the more OBVIOUS. 

Exhibit 9:  A Subversive Is Supported by Facebook To Quickly Infiltrate Occupy Movement Activist Groups

And although Mr. Young had been prolifically posting thoughtful and evocative information associated with the Occupy Movement, by comparison, Mr. Khil had posted virtually nothing -- and anything which he did post was disjointed nonsensical gibberish, or in the alternative vicious ad hominem attacks directed at unsuspecting Occupy activists (see below for some examples of this).

Reflected below are various screen shots evidencing Mr. Khil's subversive's efforts by: (1) equivocating facts; (2) berating and belittling those sympathetic to the Occupy Movement; and (3) behaving in a bizarre manner, while holding himself out to be a representative of this important social movement, WHICH HE MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT.

In the context of Facebook allowing this pernicious nut-job to accumulate "friends"at a warp-speed, and proceed to behave in an offensive manner and victimize Occupy activists in abject contradiction of Facebook's stated policy, it further exposes Facebook's FRAUD toward Mr. Young.

Belligerent Fraudster Supported by Facebook
Note the abusive ad hominems attacks and his profile pictures are NOT legitimate

Facebook Endorses Victimizing Unsuspecting Others
Here is an Example of This Coward Viciously Victimizing
a Woman Sympathetic to the Occupy Movement
Facebook Supports Undermining "Occupy Movement"
An Example of Establishing a Patently Absurd Facebook "Group"

Accumulating "Friends" NOT Known at Warp-Speed
Between 8:07 pm and 8:08 pm, this phony changed his name and Added 30 new "Friends" whom he does NOT know -- That's  a rate of  ONE NEW FRIEND EVERY TWO SECONDS.  This resulted from THOUSANDS of Outstanding Requests to People he does NOT know.  This not only contradicts Facebook policy, but circumvents spam filter algorithms altogether -- IN OTHER WORDS THIS WAS DONE WITH FACEBOOK'S BLESSING.

Conclusion:  Facebook's comparative treatment of Eduard Khil (Trol) vis-a-vis Spencer C. Young only makes the FRAUD perpetrated against Mr. Young all the more OBVIOUS -- it also strongly suggest that Facebook endorses undermining the Occupy Movement, which DIRECTLY contradicts an important factor in its "reason for being".

Exhibit 10:  Facebook's Final Grades

Based on the above findings, Facebook has earned the following grades (From A" to "F") in the operation of its social networking website:
  1. Facebook's Grade for Policy Consistency = F
  2. Facebook's Grade for Customer Service = F
  3. Facebook's Grade for Responsiveness = F
  4. Facebook's Grade for Operational Common Sense = F
  5. Facebook's Grade for Customer Satisfaction = F

Conclusion:  Facebook is NOT worth  $100 Billion+ and there is a scenario in which its stock  could  become worthless.

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