Monday, May 6, 2013

Request for Dismissal & Investigation, Movie/Book Deal in the Works and Betrayal by Ekstrand & Ekstrand

The below emails were exchanged on Friday May 3rd with the Office of Durham Chief District
Court Judge Marcia Morey, and are noteworthy as follows:

  1. Judge Morey was conveniently unavailable after being called to task on a thoroughly absurd response that suggests an omnipresent and stifling level of judicial corruption in Durham;
  2. No common sense efforts are made to get the "time-of-the-essence" request for dismissal and investigation in front of relevant others;
  3. The Durham Public Defender's Office has long been unresponsive, and obviously part of this diabolical assault on American civil liberties ;
  4. Ekstrand & Ekstrand revealed themselves to be betraying dissemblers in this insidious cabal intending to dupe Spencer C. Young into stepping into the trap set at the May 6th hearing on remaining BOGUS charges that should have NEVER seen the light of day, and should have been dropped long ago; and 
  5. As the LaBarre Larceny Scandal which procreated this assault on American liberties is directly linked to "the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history" and a byproduct of egregious banking abuses of MorganStanleyGate, involving Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo (through its Wachovia subsidiary) and Paragon Commercial Bank, a movie (and book deal) is now in the works because . . .
This is an UNBELIEVABLE, but TRUE Story that MUST be Told 

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: Tuwana.Y.Capers <>
Cc: rce <>; nc_local_newspapers <>; sje <>; billbell <>; nma <>; mainstream_media <>; unc <>; steve.schewel <>; eugene.brown <>; howard.clement <>; Durham_Town_Council <>; don.moffitt <>; cora.cole-mcfadden <>; council <>; bill.bell <>; diane.catotti <>; lawrence.m.campbell <>; aba <>; fed_state_authorities <>; antoinette.hilliard <>
Sent: Fri, May 3, 2013 4:04 pm
Subject: ONGOING Request For Dismissal & Investigation // Movie Deal in the Works

To:  Tuwana Capers (On behalf of Durham Chief District Court Judge Marcia Morey)

cc:   The World

Tuwana --

How convenient -- please indicate the name of the "conference" Judge Morey is purportedly attending this afternoon.  In addition, please forward my request for dismissal and investigation ASAP to:
  1. her court clerk, indicating this is an urgent "time-of-the-essence" matter;
  2. the actual judge assigned in these bogus hearings (Claude Allen); and
  3. the judge who was originally supposed to hear this patently absurd matter (William Marsh)

Public Defender's Office Now Unresponsive
This charade needs to stop, and know that Lawrence Campbell and Antoinette Hilliard have been unresponsive and entirely uncooperative.  It is quite obvious they have intentionally failed to faithfully carry out the responsibilities of the Durham Public Defender's Office . . . for it would otherwise be impossible for SIX consecutive public defenders to fail so fantastically.
In an environment devoid of corruption, SIX consecutive failures is statistically impossible.

Treacherous Betrayal
Sadly, I would also like to point out that Bob Ekstrand and Samantha Ekstrand of Ekstrand & Ekstrand (who have been involved all along and copied on ALL related correspondence) were very much part of this insidious FRAUD, and played an instrumental role in this effort to "set me up" by luring my attendance at these entirely BOGUS hearings, so that my ability to defend myself would be decidedly compromised and effectively defenseless -- the plan was to jail me (on more concocted nonsense) if I showed up at this May 6 hearing.
Throughout this subterfuge, they pretended to be diligently working on my behalf to facilitate a resolution (e.g., assurances that they had negotiated a dismissal of ALL 3 FABRICATED charges), together with false assurances that they would take on my case (and associated civil claims), or otherwise engage someone who would.  They then abruptly went incommunicado and have abandoned me altogether.  This is deceitful treachery at its very worst, and suggests a profound lack of judicial and legal integrity is endemic to Durham and likely the surrounding Triangle area.

One Last Point

I have entered into an agreement with a prominent author, screen-writer and documentary producer to expose this BOMBASTIC FRAUD . . .  as it is far more incredulous TRUE STORY than Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich, and because it has oppressed MANY MORE PEOPLE.  

Moreover, since it is directly linked to "the worst bank foreclosure fraud in US history" (go ahead and Google it) and other banking abuses, tens of millions of people will be able to relate to this travesty in some way.


Spencer C. Young

-----Original Message-----
From: Capers, Tuwana Y. <>
To: Spencer C. Young <>
Sent: Fri, May 3, 2013 2:47 pm
Subject: RE: Request For Dismissal & Investigation

Mr. Young,
I am confirming receipt of your e-mail at 2:40pm today.  Judge Morey is out of the office this afternoon attending a conference. I am, however forwarding your e-mail to Judge Morey in hopes that she receives it.
Tuwana Y. Capers
Judicial Assistant
510 South Dillard Street
Durham, NC 27701
919-808-3200   Work
919-808-3038   Fax

-----Original Message-----

To:  Chief Durham District Court Judge Marcia Morey
       (Care of Tuwana Y. Capers - Judicial Assistant)
cc: Durham Town Council  / American Bar Association / 
       National & Local News Media etc. (as a necessary 
       precautionary measure)

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