Monday, May 6, 2013

Request For Dismissal Of Remaining BOGUS Charges & Investigation Into Criminal Acts By Public Officials

The below email was sent on Friday, May 3, 2013 to Chief Durham District Court Judge
 Marcia H. Morey in advance of a planned "kangaroo" hearing that was being "railroaded" for Monday, May 6th, advising her of the salient realities of this disturbing and absurd matter.  Based on prior communiques and the SIX additional compelling reasons outlined (below), two requests were made, which in a situation devoid of corruption would most certainly be granted:

  1. Dismissal -- Prorogue the hearing, dismiss the two remaining BOGUS charges; and commence an . . .
  2. Investigation -- Commission an investigation into the extensive criminal wrongdoings of Durham Judge David Q. LaBarre and his girlfriend, Leah R. Krier, and others, including the reckless prosecutorial acts of Leon A. Stanback, and the Asst. District Attorney in this matter (Kelly G. Gauger), whose behavior throughout has been similarly atrocious and devoid of integrity -- for example, Kelly had agreed to dismiss ALL charges MONTHS ago, and then oddly reneged for unspecified reasons, after deliberately filibustering a decision.  She also reneged on the return of ALL of Spencer C. Young's computer equipment which was UNLAWFULLY seized, a week after he was violently arrested by a US Marshal SWAT team in Florida, UNLAWFULLY denied bail for 127 days, incarcerated with the most violent of felons and FRAUDULENTLY extradited to North Carolina.
Krier & LaBarre at Dinner                                     Stanback

-----Original Message-----
From: Spencer C. Young <>
To: Tuwana.Y.Capers <>
Cc: rce <>; nc_local_newspapers <>; sje <>; billbell <>; nma <>; mainstream_media <>; unc <>; steve.schewel <>; eugene.brown <>; howard.clement <>; Durham_Town_Council <>; don.moffitt <>; cora.cole-mcfadden <>; council <>; bill.bell <>; diane.catotti <>; lawrence.m.campbell <>; antoinette.hilliard <>; aba <>
Sent: Fri, May 3, 2013 12:59 pm
Subject: Request For Dismissal & Investigation

To:  Chief Durham District Court Judge Marcia Morey

       (Care of Tuwana Y. Capers - Judicial Assistant)

cc:  Durham Town Council  / American Bar Association /
       National & Local News Media etc. (as a necessary 
       precautionary measure)

As you consider my resubmitted request to postpone the May 6 hearing (which I cannot possibly attend for reasons previously articulated [see attached]), I additionally request it be dismissed outright, for the following reasons (denoted hyperlinks will access supporting information):

1)  Retaliation – The charges were strictly retaliatory and represent an abuse of authority and violation of the public’s trust. They were concocted on July 5, 2012, three days after a 30 page criminal complaint (against Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend) was filed with Captain Ray Taylor of the Durham Police Department on July 2, 2012.  These bogus charges were also made one week after I requested the return of my stolen property.
2)  Role Reversal – I am the victim in this sordid affair, NOT the perpetrator.  All told, Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend absconded with over $200,000 worth of my personal property, including a Mercedes Benz S320.
3)  Double Standard – Judge LaBarre and his girlfriend committed the thefts over a six-month period , and I had reported these thefts to the Durham Police Dept. on multiple occasions (beginning in March 2011), yet they oddly refused to arrest or otherwise attempt  to recover my stolen property, indicating they had adjudicated this a “domestic matter”, yet when I exposed LaBarre’s insidious role in the thefts and  requested the return of my stolen property (a constitutionally protected right),  it was erroneously considered a criminal matter.  This is reckless, corrupt and unlawful.
4) Unlawful incarceration – In an effort to cover-up these crimes of Judge LaBarre, I was wrongfully arrested by a US Marshal SWAT team and incarcerated for 127 days while unlawfully denied bail on a false felony charge of extortion which is since been dismissed – this an outrageous, and should never occur in the United States.
5) Reckless Prosecution – This matter bears a striking resemblance to the Duke Men’s Lacrosse Scandal in 2006; however, in the matter at hand, Durham DA Leon Stanback’s reckless prosecutorial behavior has eclipsed that of Mike Nifong.
           Marsh                                                        Allen

6)  May 6 Hearing Is A Set-Up – These cases were to be heard by Judge William Marsh, but they were recently surreptitiously switched to Claude Allen, a long-time friend and colleague of Judge LaBarre’s, who works directly with him in the same capacity (as a retired former Durham judge,  serving on an “emergency” basis in the domestic violence area).   Due to the profound failures of Daniel Meier, who is the latest in a long string of public defender failures, there has been no preparation for this hearing, and much of the evidence to prove the absurdity of these charges is resident on the computers that were unlawfully seized AND HAVE STILL NOT BEEN RETURNED.

Computers Stolen in UNLAWFUL Seizure
I implore you to do the right thing – dismiss these remaining baseless, fraudulent and unlawful charges, and commission an investigation into this heinous assault on American civil liberties.  Thank you.


Spencer C. Young

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