Friday, October 24, 2014

Florida Governor Rick Scott Named in Criminal "Color of Law" Indictment

. . . for Jailing & Torturing Innocent Law Abiding Citizens

To: Federal Bureau of Investigation --Tampa Office 

cc: FBI Offices in Charlotte (NC); New York (NY); San Francisco (CA); Wash. (DC); Kansas City (KS); Mainstream Media Outlets; Local Tampa News Media Outlets 

Reference is made to the Criminal Color of Law Indictment Filed Against 35 Public Officials in FL, KS & NC And 15 Complicit Others (i.e., Private Citizens) on May 30, 2014.  

This filing is hereby supplemented with the additional indictment of Florida Governor Rick Scott, where centralized access to corroborating evidence is overwhelmingly clear of his role in jailing an innocent law-abiding citizen with violent felons, denying the right to post bail and instituting psychological torture for 127 days, and knowingly participating in an OBVIOUSLY FRAUDULENT extradition to North Carolina.  Click here to access this evidence.

Throughout this ordeal of UNLAWFUL INCARCERATION on a FALSE CHARGE (later dismissed as meritless), it became clear this egregious assault on civil liberties is a systemic problem that crosses state lines, in that this was highly coordinated with equally wayward and dangerous public officials in North Carolina, who have already been named in the original May 30 indictment, and involved a heavily armed SWAT team of a dozen U.S. Marshal agents -- this was sadly ironic as my Grandfather (same name) was appointed by FDR to head up the U.S. Marshal Eastern District.

In closing, I would like to assuage any concerns that this action is politically motivated, or otherwise sponsored by organizations such as The Charlie Crist Campaign or a Super Pac like Nextgen Climate, for as of this writing, I have had no contact with them.  The issue at hand is the assault of American Civil Liberties, by corrupt public officials who believe they are above the law, and Florida Governor RIck Scott is one such example. 

Note:  As certain officials at the FBI have been observed trying to stonewall a full investigation (The Tampa FBI Office is one such example) and manifest the cover-up of the much-larger underlying scandal (and the subject of an upcoming book), the Department of Justice has been notified, as well as select elected officials.  This transmittal has been made publicly available and can be accessed by clicking here.

Respectfully submitted,
Spencer C. Young

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