Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Website Launch of Morgan Stanley Did Not Kill Me Today

After being alerted to another of many assassination plots sponsored by Morgan Stanley, was launched. It's stated purpose is for Tracking A Corrupt Judge's Plan to Falsely Arrest & Assassinate Spencer C. Young on Behalf of Morgan Stanley. I chose not to renew the domain, so its URL is now

The press release is reproduced in its entirety below,

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Tarpon Springs, FL – December 31, 2014Spencer C. Young, the former Executive Director of Morgan Stanley with a surfeit of grievances against the “too big to fail” bank, and an alleged knowledge of its involvement in criminal activities, announced the launch of, a website dedicated to “Tracking A Corrupt Judge's Plan to Falsely Arrest & Assassinate Spencer C. Young on Behalf of Morgan Stanley”.

In explaining the website, he said “While it may viscerally strike some as a tongue-in-cheek gimmick, or perhaps the quixotic byproduct of someone who’s had too many eggnogs and champagne during the holidays, it actually pertains to a serious matter with relevance for many, which is best addressed unconventionally. And that’s precisely what’s being done here.” 

Continuing on, he remarked “As its name implies, this website will post at the end of each day, reassurance to those interested that I have not realized an untimely demise at the hands of Morgan Stanley. Thus, if all is well, a blog posting of ‘I have lived another day’ will be made, along with other information germane to this diabolical plan. However, should these daily posts cease, it can be concluded I was falsely arrested and murdered in an elaborately orchestrated assassination plot sponsored by Morgan Stanley, and carried out by a notoriously corrupt judge in rural Kansas, Ron L. Svaty.

In addition to these daily posts on Mr. Young’s welfare, this website exposes the underlying fraud upon which the planned murder is based – to wit, a paternity fraud from a locale over 1,500 miles distant from Mr. Young. 

In addition to the home page containing the daily updates of Mr. Young’s well-being, the website is segregated into six other sections, which can be readily accessed throughout the website:
  1. About This Website – provides historical context of events leading to this dastardly plan and explains the nature and purpose of this website; 
  2. Press Releases – hyperlinks to press releases issued on this matter; 
  3. The Paternity Fraud – summarizes the flagrant fraud in layman’s terms; 
  4. NOT TheFather – reveals why paternity is virtually impossible; 
  5. Mr. Young’s Sons – presenting what Mr. Young’s three now adult sons accomplished exposes this fraud depicting him as a “deadbeat Dad”; and 
  6. Attempted Assassinations – reviews the many attempts made on the life of Mr. Young, all sponsored by Morgan Stanley in order to silence him. 
Elaborating further, Mr. Young said “The person tasked with orchestrating and executing this dastardly plan, Ron L. Svaty, is a district court judge in Ellsworth County, Kansas, where I have never stepped foot in my life. And I have been dealing with the harassing fraud-based antics of this monster for roughly four years, while the debilitating emotional toll the resultant unrelenting frustration has taken over this period of time is unimaginable”.

Offering his concluding thoughts, “In my view, Ron L. Svaty is the essence of kakistocracy, and a classic psychopath devoid of an ability to feel empathy for the havoc he wrecks upon the lives of his victims. And his brazenness in perpetrating this outrageous fraud with no jurisdictional authority on behalf of a five-time felon in North Carolina suggests he derives pleasure in a game of virtual Russian Roulette, as though saying to himself, ‘Let’s see if I can get away with this really OUTLANDISH charade’. I intend to see that he doesn’t.”

About The Issuer Of This Press Release . . .

Spencer C. Young is a widowed 58 year-old father of three adult sons, Michael, Kevin and Ryan, who each overcame adversity and graduated with honors as student-athletes at Duke and Maryland. He loves and misses them dearly, and hopes his planned assassination can be stopped, so he may reveal “the many hidden truths” of MorganStanleyGate and reunite with each of them.

Mr. Young has a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance, both from Cornell University. He is a lifetime member of Mensa with an IQ in the top 1% (Stanford-Binet = 152; Wechsler = 135; Cattell = 156) and is reasonably proficient (but not yet fluent) in French, Spanish and German. His career in corporate finance and banking spanned nearly three decades at industry leading firms such as Dun & Bradstreet, Citicorp, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley. At JPMorgan, he founded the Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (“CMBS”) business and created the IQ® (“Institutional Quality”) brand of CMBS at Morgan Stanley. In aggregate, the franchises he founded or revamped are today worth $ billions.

Mr. Young seeks long-overdue justice as the protagonist victim in the MorganStanleyGate scandal. In so doing, he seeks restitution such that his long exemplary professional and personal reputations will be reinstated, while regaining what was stolen, and reuniting what remains of his family. 

In the event Mr. Young’s untimely demise is averted and Cannibals In White Shoes is published, he looks forward to playing a leadership role in helping victimized others, while seeking a “positive” career that will help mankind thrive. He offers examples such as: “global availability of potable water through desalination; cheap renewable energy, hunger amelioration through hydroponics and artificial intelligence toward the inevitable singularity   . . . but getting there before the bad guys do.” 

Contact Information:
Spencer C. Young / 919-357-2844 /

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