Thursday, November 8, 2012

After 127 Days Of UNLAWFUL Maximum Security Incarceration On FALSE CHARGES & TORTURE . . .

. . . Spencer C. Young was finally granted the ability to post bail and regain his WRONGFULLY stolen Freedom.  This was an Outrageous Travesty of Justice.

Pinellas County (FL) Jail

On July 3, 2012. Mr. Young was violently assaulted by a heavily armed SWAT team of a dozen U.S. Marshals on FALSE charges which were later dismissed as meritless.  He was then incarcerated with the most violent felons in Pinellas County (FL) Jail.  He was also regularly TORTURED for nearly four months and then FRAUDULENTLY extradited to North Carolina.  He was not granted the right to post bail until November 7, 2012, and as a result, he was subjected to an unimaginable NIGHTMARE encompassing . . .

127 Days of UNLAWFUL Incarceration !

Durham County (NC) Jail

In commemoration of his liberation from Durham County (NC) Jail, (on BOGUS charges that were later dismissed as such) the music video performance of A Great Day For Freedom by Pink Floyd is appropriate . . .

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